Tyler Skilled in History, English/Language Arts, and Science with 6 years of experience.
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I have a passion for teaching as well as learning new things. I am a History Education major at UCO. I graduated from Rose State College with an Associate degree in History. I understand that not every student learns in the same way. I'm always thinking about new ways to teach and to make learning fun! If you choose me as your tutor I will do my best to make you feel comfortable about the subject you're wanting to exceed in. I also love to help students with their writing assignments by giving useful feedback in their writing endeavors. Good luck students!

Tyler's Subject
Science Biology
Language Arts English I, English II, English III, English IV / Advanced Placement, Creative Writing, Elementary / Middle School Language Arts, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
Test Prep ACT Course
Social Studies General Social Studies
Education level University Graduated Major
High School Coyle High School Graduated
Associates Redlands Community College Graduated Basics/Concurrent classes
Associates Rose State College Graduated History
Bachelors University of Central Oklahoma Currently Attending History Education
Tyler's Testimonials
Course Date Testimonial
English I 05-24-2018 she is awesome to work with and she will help you understand the question and she is a fast working teacher.
English IV / Advanced Placement 11-27-2017 Amazing tutor! Tyler is one of the most organized tutors I've ever met with! 10/10 would recommend
English IV / Advanced Placement 09-21-2017 Amazing tutor! Very organized! My go-to tutor! :)
English IV / Advanced Placement 03-27-2017 Amazing!! So well organized! 10/10 would recomend this tutor!! :)
Earth / Environmental 02-02-2017 She is a great tutor. Helped and explained everything
English IV / Advanced Placement 11-21-2016 Great tutor!! She thoroughly explained concepts and was very patient. I would definitely recommend this tutor to anyone struggling.
English II 11-08-2016 I like how she broke things into segments for me to understand on how to do come with my ideas on how to write my paper.
English IV / Advanced Placement 05-17-2016 Tyler was so helpful! Through my entire ten page essay she helped me enhance my grammar and my message! Can't wait to bring more essays to her!
General Social Studies 04-19-2016 She was very detail and took her time to help me. She was very nice and friendly. She is meant to be here on tutapoint. Thanks
General Social Studies 04-13-2016 Awesome
General Social Studies 04-01-2016 Awesome tutor A+
Creative Writing 03-23-2016 She is awesome!
General Social Studies 03-01-2016 She is good
English I 02-19-2016 Good tutor but She is good too good
English I 01-26-2016 Great
English I 01-21-2016 Cool tutor
English I 01-18-2016 Good!
English I 01-18-2016 She is so nice!
General Social Studies 01-14-2016 AWESOME JOB
English I 01-12-2016 good+
General Social Studies 01-10-2016 She is so awesome!
General Social Studies 01-08-2016 Awesome session, she made me catch up!
General Social Studies 01-07-2016 :):):):B
General Social Studies 01-05-2016 Awesome!
General Social Studies 01-03-2016 :):):):):)!!!!!!!
General Social Studies 12-30-2015 Good!
General Social Studies 12-23-2015 She is so good!
General Social Studies 12-22-2015 She helped aLOT!!!!!!!!!
General Social Studies 12-21-2015 I liked this tutor so much.
General Social Studies 12-20-2015 awesome!
General Social Studies 12-18-2015 She is awesome
General Social Studies 12-16-2015 Good session!
General Social Studies 12-15-2015 She is amazing, A+ on final.
General Social Studies 12-15-2015 Good
General Social Studies 12-14-2015 very very good
General Social Studies 12-13-2015 she is very very good
General Social Studies 12-12-2015 She is so good, and an A+ with a 75/75 overall !
General Social Studies 12-12-2015 Amazing!!!!!!!!
General Social Studies 12-12-2015 She is awesome!!!!!
General Social Studies 12-11-2015 100/100
Biology 11-25-2015 She helped alot, I got a 100/100!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biology 11-25-2015 She is very very very very very very very very very very GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Biology 11-24-2015 I really like her. She understand me.
Biology 11-24-2015 I got an A+ on final!!
Biology 11-23-2015 Good!!
Biology 11-22-2015 She is very good helper.
Biology 11-21-2015 I love her, I got an A+!!
Biology 11-21-2015 Good session
Biology 11-21-2015 I like how the tutor would help me in this method.
General Social Studies 11-18-2015 She is awesome
General Social Studies 11-18-2015 Awesome
General Social Studies 11-17-2015 Awesome
General Social Studies 11-06-2015 :):):):) Good Essay
General Social Studies 11-03-2015 Awesome
General Social Studies 10-21-2015 Awesome
General Social Studies 10-18-2015 100/100
General Social Studies 10-14-2015 Awesome!
General Social Studies 10-14-2015 Awesome
General Social Studies 10-12-2015 Amazing!
General Social Studies 09-16-2015 10000/10000
General Social Studies 09-15-2015 100/100
Biology 07-28-2015 Awesome! 100/100!
Biology 07-27-2015 Awseome!
Biology 07-26-2015 I liked how the tutor writes everything down.
Biology 07-25-2015 Awesome!
English III 07-24-2015 Amazing
Chemistry 07-23-2015 Amazing!
Earth / Environmental 07-23-2015 Awesome
Creative Writing 07-06-2015 Awesome!
English I 07-06-2015 Amazing!
English I 07-05-2015 Awesome!
English I 07-04-2015 Excellent
English I 07-04-2015 She was awesome. 10/10!
Creative Writing 06-29-2015 Awesome!
Creative Writing 06-23-2015 Amazing sesseion!
Biology 06-16-2015 excellent
English III 06-16-2015 Incredible session!
Earth / Environmental 06-16-2015 Nice tutor!
Biology 06-15-2015 Amazing!
English II 06-11-2015 She is a great helper.
English II 06-10-2015 Everything.:)
English II 06-10-2015 She was amazing!
Earth / Environmental 06-06-2015 Choose her!
Biology 06-05-2015 Amazing
English III 06-05-2015 Excellent!
English II 06-03-2015 Amazing!!!!!!!!
Physical Science 06-03-2015 Perfect!!
English III 06-03-2015 Amazing!!
Creative Writing 05-28-2015 Amazing!
English II 05-28-2015 She is a great writer!
Creative Writing 05-28-2015 This tutor is very patient and not rushing you. Excellent!
English III 05-27-2015 Perfect!
English II 05-27-2015 Amazingg
English IV / Advanced Placement 05-26-2015 Amazing session.
English III 05-26-2015 I hope i could tutor witn her MORE.
English II 05-25-2015 AMAZING
Creative Writing 05-25-2015 AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE
Creative Writing 05-24-2015 AWESOME!
English IV / Advanced Placement 05-24-2015 Execlent!
English IV / Advanced Placement 05-23-2015 Really amazing/I mean Let's choose her!/
English III 05-23-2015 Awesome!!!!!!
English III 05-22-2015 Amazing tutor.
Creative Writing 05-21-2015 Best tutor I have tutored with!
English I 05-21-2015 Helps alot in social study.
English II 05-20-2015 You can't understand how she helps until you click "request tutor with her".
English III 05-20-2015 Miss.Tyler was amazing.
English II 05-19-2015 Best tutor at all.
English II 05-13-2015 She make me feel smart.
English I 05-13-2015 Best tutor to tutor with. Amazing session.
English III 05-06-2015 He was a lot of help! I really understand what I was having problems with now!
English I 05-06-2015 Perfect
Tyler's Subject
Science Biology
Language Arts English I, English II, English III, English IV / Advanced Placement, Creative Writing, Elementary / Middle School Language Arts, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
Test Prep ACT Course
Social Studies General Social Studies
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