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I am very experienced and knowledgeable in mathematics. I work to let children comprehend how mathematics works in different subjects, and let the knowledge sink into them so that they will be able to utilize them efficiently and cleanly.

Takahiro's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Science Physics
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Education level University Graduated Major
High School R L Turner Graduated
Bachelors Georgia Tech Currently Attending Civil Engineering
Takahiro's Testimonials
Course Date Testimonial
Precalculus 01-31-2020 I liked that the tutor consistently made me think about the problems and wanted me to answer the actual questions. There were a lot of visuals in the text boxes also.
Algebra 1 06-05-2018 he helped good
Calculus 05-12-2018 He helped me out a lot even though my microphone would not work I was able to understand him.
Algebra 1 03-23-2018 It was good.
Elementary / Middle School Math 02-26-2018 I liked how he took the time to sit there and help me even when i didnt know what to do.I highly recomend this tutor for anyone who is haveing troble in math.
Geometry 01-19-2018 He is really helpful and explains the topics perfectly.
Physics 12-19-2017 He was awesome! Really helped me understand the material.
Algebra 1 12-15-2017 Explains very well!!
Algebra 1 12-05-2017 He was awesome!! He really helped me understand and grasp the concept of my lesson (algebra1). He was patient and kept going until I felt like I was ready to be finished and he knew I learned the material well. He did not give me the answer and he made me try to think hard to engage my brain. This tutor is amazing I will definitely be requesting him again!
Geometry 10-29-2017 Awesome Session!
Algebra 1 07-05-2017 He answered my problems and thoroughly explained what i needed help with until i understood it.
Algebra 1 06-19-2017 He was very patient and help on going through the steps to solve varies equations.
Algebra 1 03-30-2017 This was so good I got a 100 on my assignment!!
Algebra 1 03-10-2017 This tutor is very helpful! He will help you through the problem step by step and make sure you get it right. He is a great help for doing practice problems or homework help! I would recommend this tutor 10/10!
Precalculus 03-10-2017 Very patient and explains well!!:) Defintley recommend!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-03-2017 I loved this tutor. I would recommend him to any body.
Algebra 1 02-24-2017 I liked that he was helpful in getting me where I needed to be.
Algebra 1 02-18-2017 Takahiro, is awesome. He is a great tutor.
Precalculus 01-29-2017 Great, Great, Great tutor! Thourghly explained the concepts!:) Highly Recomended!
Algebra 1 01-27-2017 love this tutor, he is very professional,patient and knows what he is doing.
Algebra 1 01-24-2017 A true superhero! He was very kind and patient, and slowly explained each step of the problem.
Algebra 1 01-19-2017 he explained everything very well. I recommend him.
Geometry 12-12-2016 The tutor was very patient, and explained the answer slowly.
Calculus 12-10-2016 Very helpful and patient! He made sure I understood each step before moving on!
Algebra 2 12-09-2016 Great Tutor
Geometry 10-22-2016 I liked how straight forward the explanations were and how we focused on the things that were important to know.
Calculus 08-05-2016 Super helpful! Made my math homework seem easy!
Calculus 05-30-2016 Very helpful and explained things super well and put it in simpler terms for me to understand. Very patient.
Calculus 05-26-2016 He was very patient with me even when I asked him to explain something multiple times.
Physics 05-25-2016 Great tutor.
Geometry 04-24-2016 awesome very helpful and was very willing to help me fix my mistakes
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-20-2016 kind, patient, made everything seem so simple.
Algebra 1 04-10-2016 Very helpful
Geometry 04-03-2016 He was very helpful and explained everything clearly which made understanding everything easier.
Geometry 04-02-2016 He explained everything very well and helped me understand everything.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-01-2016 Very patient and explained all my questions making them seem so simple i am now 100% confident i can do them on my own
Algebra 1 02-26-2016 Very helpful and explained everything really well.
Geometry 02-12-2016 He was awesome he was patient and explain really well.
Calculus 12-18-2015 Takahiro is always my go-to-tutor! He is awesome at explaining my calculus problems! They originally look like gibberish to me but afterwards he makes them seem easy!
Algebra 2 12-02-2015 He is awesome! Saved my Algebra II grade!
Geometry 10-30-2015 Very helpful walked me through steps to finding the answers by the end of the session i was solving problems on my own.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-28-2015 Good tutor but couldn't understand him but that is alright.
Algebra 2 10-28-2015 i loved it all he was an amazing teacher that connected with as soon as he said hello. i would highly reccomend this teacher/tutor. he is very understanding and will instantly go into details beyond belief. thank you so much your a hero
Precalculus 10-09-2015 i asked him one question and he went into full detail of the problem, very helpful
Algebra 1 09-16-2015 Great help, explained equations well and answered questions so you understood them. Very helpful
Algebra 1 06-20-2015 Nice tutor!
Takahiro's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Science Physics
Test Prep SAT Course
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