Nichole High School Math Expert with 7 Years Experience
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As a professor at Slippery Rock University, I have demonstrated an ability to engage students from diverse academic, mathematical, and cultural backgrounds. I have addressed different learning styles and abilities by encouraging students to experiment with mathematical concepts and discover new ways to solve problems. In my Mathematics as a Liberal Art class, for example, students were encouraged to solve puzzles in their own way and teach their methods to their peers. They created new problems related to lesson objectives, and completed projects where they would apply concepts as they would in the real world. In all of my courses for non-math majors, I incorporated hands-on, performance-based activities into the curriculum. Last semester, I focused on helping students understand how Introduction to Applied Calculus and Intermediate Algebra related to their fields of interest and how they may apply the new concepts they learned in the future. I encourage all students to believe that they can succeed in mathematics and it is rewarding to watch many students prove it to themselves. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated an ability to collaborate with colleagues and contribute to my field. I have volunteered to build new curriculum and lesson plans, working to better the mathematics programs at the institutions I have served. This has allowed me to develop both my academic mind and critical thinking as well as my strong work ethic, drive, and discipline. Combining my educational background and research with my practical experience has refined an effective way to reach the millennial generation of students, utilizing a mixture of context-rich problem solving, technology, and application. These skills, plus my strong content knowledge, have equipped me to handle all levels of math review, writing, or instruction. I am passionate about passing on my experience to the next generation, including mentoring student assistants to help them grow as young educators. Committed to lifelong learning, I am planning to return to post graduate school for education technology and leadership in the summer. I take pleasure in gaining new insight and sharing what I have learned with others. My teaching experience has included extensive use of technology, in and out of the classroom. Along with instructing several computer courses at Jefferson County Christian School, I utilized many technology-based instructional aids in mathematics classes as well. Students were required to access a virtual classroom to complete assignments and assessments outside class time. In my Slippery Rock University Intermediate Algebra class, for example, the course was flipped so students were able to focus on the material they did not understand when they came to class. I have also facilitated discussions on class message boards and wiki pages, and produced educational videos and tutorials. I incorporate technology into lessons to enable students to experience the course content in various forms to connect with the different ways people learn.

Nichole's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Education level University Graduated Major
Masters Robert Morris University Graduated Instructional Leadership - Mathematics
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Nichole's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
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