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I have years of experience helping students in K-12 and in college succeed in mathematics. I am a 2014 graduate of Alabama State University with a B.S. in Mathematics and have worked in the ASU mathematics lab for two years. I currently serve as a volunteer tutor at my local library. My favorite part about tutoring is making a difference and knowing that I am helping students reach their educational goals.

Jamarius's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Test Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
Education level University Graduated Major
Bachelors Alabama State University Graduated Mathematics
Jamarius's Testimonials
Course Date Testimonial
Geometry 03-27-2018 he was clear on what he was saying
Elementary / Middle School Math 03-06-2018 HE WAS AWESOME. He explained everything step by step, and worked with me through my assignment! I highly recommend him!
Algebra 1 01-31-2018 He is really good; he's patient and pays attention to what you have to say.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-30-2018 He helped you understand better... He is one of the best Tutors I've had. He does not give you the answer's he has you try to work it out.
Algebra 1 01-29-2018 He is very helpful, totally recommend him!
Algebra 1 01-24-2018 i liked how he took his time to explain, and wait for you to chat for any questions!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-17-2017 This Tutor really helped me to get a grip on a certain math skill I was struggling with. Great tutor 5 stars.
Algebra 1 03-15-2017 Amazing Tutor!
Algebra 2 03-14-2017 Really helpful and I understand the concept better now!
Algebra 1 02-09-2017 Amazingly Helpful answered and explained all my questions :)
Algebra 1 02-08-2017 Very helpful!
Algebra 1 01-31-2017 He helped me understand a concept my teachers couldn't make me grasp. I will definitely consider him again in the future.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-25-2016 GREATTTTT
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-06-2016 This tutor is amazing!!!! he helps me work out all my problems and explains them to me in such a understanding and simple way!!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-26-2016 Good Tutor 10/10
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-26-2016 This tutor is by far the best i always look forward to working with him he is very patient and very kind. He answered all my questions and gave me a better understanding of what i was working on.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-21-2016 I ended up understanding what I didn't understand.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-07-2016 Wow! He was amazing!
Algebra 1 04-06-2016 Good tutor
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-05-2016 Great Tutor!!! Helped My 70 Go to an 80!!! BEST TUTOR EVER
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-04-2016 This Tutor was AMAZING I completely recommend him!!! He was so patient and so kind. He explained every thing so well and made it seem so simple! I will from now on definitely be requesting sessions with this tutor!
Algebra 1 03-23-2016 Explained everything really well and helped solve my questions.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-16-2016 He is AMAZING! He totally know what he is doing! Great!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-11-2016 Great Tutor 10/10, And I Recommend him to anyone who is struggling with math and needs to learn. He's funny, and helped me get to the answers. He really improved my grade by doing 2 assignments. I think that anyone who needs Mathematics Help should as him.
Algebra 1 02-25-2016 Very helpful, explains everything really well, and helps me understand the concepts better.
Algebra 1 02-18-2016 He was very helpful, patient, and helped me understand everything that I was struggling with.
Algebra 1 01-21-2016 Always very helpful!
Algebra 2 01-21-2016 He was super helpful! He explained everything thoroughly!
Algebra 1 01-18-2016 Thanks for the help!!!
Algebra 1 12-22-2015 He explained everything really well and helped me a lot.
Algebra 1 12-21-2015 He was very helpful and answered all of my questions completely.
Algebra 2 12-18-2015 He helped me with my homework problem and taught me what I didnt understand
Algebra 2 12-03-2015 Jamarius Wooden is the best tutor I've had with Tutapoint! He's always early, which is great. He always has a working microphone and webcamera. I have had a few tutors with Tutapoint who only type, which isn't that much help.
Jamarius's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Test Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
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