Holly Academic and Test Prep Tutor with Eight Years of Experience
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I am a dedicated personal tutor who holds an M.A. in Economics and a B.A. in Economics and Middle East and North Africa Studies from Boston University. I enjoy helping students build the skills they need to achieve their goals and raise their grades and test scores. I tutor both K-12 students and college students. My focus areas are Economics, English/ESL, science, mathematics and statistics, and ACT/SAT test preparation. My goal is to help students reach their full potential. I base my tutoring sessions on students’ needs by identifying areas of improvement and using different teaching methods and materials. It is important for students to have confidence and become independent learners, which is why I also create goals with students and help them keep track of their progress. The environment I try to create in each tutoring session is one of positiveness, cooperation, and acceptance of mistakes.

Holly's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Science Chemistry, Earth / Environmental, Physics, Physical Science, Biology, Basic Science (Elementary), Elementary / Middle School Science
World Languages Spanish
Language Arts English I, English II, English III, English IV / Advanced Placement, Creative Writing, British Literature, Elementary / Middle School Language Arts, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
Test Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
Social Studies General Social Studies
Business Business Management, Psychology, Economics, Finance
Education level University Graduated Major
Masters Boston University Graduated Economics
Bachelors Boston University Graduated Economics, Middle East and North Africa Studies
Holly's Testimonials
Course Date Testimonial
English 11 03-20-2018 She is the best tutor
Creative Writing 03-19-2018 Awesome painter and writer!
Geometry 03-13-2018 AMAZINGGG
Creative Writing 02-28-2018 Awesome writer!
Geometry 02-26-2018 Amazing as usual
Geometry 02-22-2018 Best tutor ever
Geometry 02-13-2018 AMAZING
Creative Writing 02-06-2018 Good !!
Geometry 02-06-2018 always great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Physics 02-02-2018 I really like holly she is really helpful, nice, and really sweet.
Geometry 01-30-2018 Always super helpful and KIND!
Creative Writing 01-23-2018 Awesome!
Physics 01-16-2018 I really love that she explains really good i leave here session with a better understanding.
Geometry 01-10-2018 Always AMAZING
Creative Writing 01-08-2018 Awesome tutor~100%!
Elementary / Middle School Math 01-05-2018 I liked how it was explained, it was extremely understandable, I didn't really need to ask for it to explained twice, because I understood it the first time it was explained.
Elementary / Middle School Science 01-02-2018 My tutor Holly was very kind she made sure that I had everything I needed. she made everything very clear. She made sure that I under stud and asked If I had any questions. I would love to have Holly again for a tutor.
Geometry 12-21-2017 She is my favorite tutor here!! :) SUPER NICE AND PATIENT
English 11 12-19-2017 She was awesome!
Elementary / Middle School Language Arts 12-18-2017 nice
Geometry 12-14-2017 Awesome, she helps me very good :)
Algebra 2 12-12-2017 This session was great and really helped me with my math skills.
Geometry 12-09-2017 SHE IS THE BEST TUTOR ON TUTAPOINT! She was so kind and professional as she helped me with my assignments. She explained everything in detail and I can confidently say that I understand geometry better because of her.
Geometry 12-05-2017 She was on spot with everything! She is probably one of the best tutors I ever had. She helped me understand everything so well and talked through everything with every step she made. I would recommend her to anyone!
Elementary / Middle School Math 12-01-2017 Was very nice.
Physics 11-30-2017 great tutor :) very patient ans nice.
Creative Writing 11-29-2017 Awesome session!
Physics 11-28-2017 very helpful and helped me understand the questions
General Social Studies 11-21-2017 It always amazing with this tutor!
Elementary / Middle School Math 11-20-2017 She was very nice.
Algebra 2 11-14-2017 Great Job!
Algebra 2 11-13-2017 Amazing
Elementary / Middle School Math 11-13-2017 she was very helpful
Elementary / Middle School Math 11-10-2017 She was on topic and answered all my questions.
Algebra 1 11-10-2017 i liked how she told her time to explain everything.
Algebra 1 11-06-2017 She's awesome! Saved me from several hours of math homework!
Algebra 1 11-02-2017 She certainly has a gift!! Holly was amazing! She thoroughly explained everything step-by-step and made sure I understood.
Biology 11-01-2017 Very supportive and gave a lot of explanations why it was this answer not what I picked. She was very helpful.
Geometry 10-24-2017 She answered all my questions, she was great!
Precalculus 10-23-2017 Holly was amazing at answering my questions in ways that I totally understood. She worked through each problem I needed and didn't make me feel stupid about not understanding. I would totally go back to her if I needed more help.
English 9 10-21-2017 She was very helpful, and spent plenty of time helping me organize my project. She helped me figure out which directions to take my research, and overall I left feeling more confident about it!!
Precalculus 10-17-2017 Alway helpful NEVER lets me down. Helps with every subject!
Elementary / Middle School Language Arts 10-11-2017 She answered all my questions and was very nice.
Algebra 1 10-10-2017 This tutor, can do any subject PERFECTLY. never dissapoints. I highly recommend this tutor, she is my favorite
Algebra 2 10-07-2017 She was so helpful! I really enjoyed how she is willing to help you out with whatever you need for as long as you need it!
Geometry 10-03-2017 Good!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-02-2017 She was awesome! Explained to me step by step about each problem.
Algebra 1 09-28-2017 This Tutor helped me learn more about Box and Whisker Plots and Stem and Leaf Plots! :)
Algebra 2 09-27-2017 She was very kind and helped me through all of the steps. If I had a question she took time to answer it. I would definitely have her as my tutor again!
Elementary / Middle School Language Arts 09-25-2017 She was very nice.
Geometry 09-19-2017 She helped me and explained her steps
Geometry 09-14-2017 She's by far the best tutor I've ever had. She's helpful; but lets me do my work myself.
English IV / Advanced Placement 09-10-2017 Awesome tutor!!! :)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 06-26-2017 she was on top of stuff and listened to me.
General Social Studies 06-19-2017 She made my assignment easier to understand for me, and was a lot of help through the session. I enjoyed working with her.
Calculus 06-12-2017 Holly has prepared me well for my Calc final!
Calculus 06-10-2017 awesome session!
Calculus 06-08-2017 great session, less confusion every time!
Calculus 06-07-2017 very helpful!
Calculus 06-06-2017 great session, better understanding for my test tomorrow!
Calculus 06-05-2017 Great session!!
Spanish 05-30-2017 I liked how she answered my questions very clearly.
Precalculus 05-25-2017 Great tutor! Explains very clearly! :)
Calculus 05-25-2017 Great session!
General Social Studies 05-22-2017 Amazing tutor!
Spanish 05-21-2017 I really liked how she explained each answer in detail. Great tutor, would definitely recommend for Spanish!
Geometry 05-20-2017 Great teacher
Calculus 05-18-2017 Great session, really understand my material better now
Calculus 05-17-2017 Awesome tutor!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-15-2017 Wonderful help with my questions!!!!! Would recommend for business math help! :D
Algebra 1 05-11-2017 Holly helped me to refresh old concepts.
Geometry 05-11-2017 She was patient and kind, did a good job helping me with my problems
Trigonometry 05-11-2017 She is a great teacher. I will definitely love to have her again and again! I advice every student that needs help to schedule with her. She is very honest, patient, and caring! Very well cooperative!
English IV / Advanced Placement 05-10-2017 Super!!
Precalculus 05-09-2017 Awesome!
Geometry 05-05-2017 I liked how the tutor showed me step by step how to find the answers and she kept asking me if there were any other problems I needed help on and showed patience.
Spanish 05-05-2017 She helped me a lot with my grammar in my skit!
Geometry 05-03-2017 Ms. Holly always explains it just the way i need it. My grade for Math has gone so much, thanks to her great teaching. BEST TUTOR EVER!
Spanish 05-03-2017 She really explained each answer and helped me on the vocabulary I didn't know.
Calculus 04-30-2017 Very helpful with confusing topics, my understanding of a concept is always better by the end of the session
Precalculus 04-27-2017 Awesome Tutor!
Algebra 2 04-24-2017 She was very helpful, polite, and patient! I would definitely recommend requesting her for help. :)
Calculus 04-24-2017 If I didn't have enough problems in a review from school, she is willing to make up problems to go over. Very helpful explanations
Precalculus 04-21-2017 Amazing tutor! Very well organized! :)
Precalculus 04-20-2017 Awesome tutor!!
Calculus 04-20-2017 Great explanation of optimization, left the session with a better understanding of the concept
Spanish 04-12-2017 I liked how she explained her answers and offered detailed explanations to my questions.
Algebra 1 04-12-2017 Awesome session!
Precalculus 04-12-2017 Awesome tutor!! :)
Algebra 1 04-11-2017 Very nice
Spanish 04-10-2017 I liked how she explained a lot if you got the answers wrong she would explain how to do them she did not let you give up at all.. She is very helpful
Calculus 04-10-2017 Explanations are clear and methods are easy to understand
Geometry 04-06-2017 Great Tutor! Very nice and helped me work I was having a hard time with.
Spanish 04-05-2017 I really liked how she explained every detail of the problem. She is a great Spanish tutor!
Algebra 1 04-05-2017 Patient ,understanding , and kind. Wonderful tutor overall!
Calculus 04-03-2017 She is very understanding and patient when it takes me a little bit longer to fully understand a problem. I went from understanding little about related rates to fully understanding them.
English IV / Advanced Placement 03-28-2017 Awesome!
Geometry 03-28-2017 BEST TUTOR EVER!
Calculus 03-28-2017 She is very good at explaining confusing concepts. I always have a better understanding after my tutoring sessions.
Algebra 2 03-27-2017 Amazing. My favorite tutor!! Extremely helpful, patient, and organized.
Precalculus 03-24-2017 Amazing!!!:)
Algebra 2 03-20-2017 very patient, highly organized, and focused!
Calculus 03-19-2017 She cleared up a lot of my confusion regarding finding the derivatives of trig functions by teaching me different ways to simplify to make the problem easier.
Creative Writing 03-17-2017 Awesome tutor!!!
Precalculus 03-11-2017 Great tutor! Very patient and helpful! :)
Algebra 1 03-09-2017 Absolutely amazing tutor! Highly recommended! :)
Geometry 03-09-2017 I really liked this tutor, VERY helpful!!
Geometry 03-06-2017 BEST TUTOR EVER!
Precalculus 03-06-2017 Amazing Tutor! Super helpful!:)
Calculus 03-06-2017 She makes Calculus easier to understand by creating shortcuts which helps a lot.
Algebra 1 03-02-2017 Answered all my questions very clearly and made them all seem allot simpler. An absolutely wonderful tutor!
Biology 03-02-2017 Great tutor! Very patient :)
Geometry 02-28-2017 MS. HOLLY IS AMAZING!
English III 02-28-2017 Holly helped me right away and got right to the point on helping me!
Algebra 1 02-27-2017 Awesome math tutor, helped me understand surface area and volume more. :-) 100% recommend her.
Calculus 02-26-2017 She helped my confusion with different types of problems by going over them until I had a full understanding of what I was doing.
Geometry 02-23-2017 Very patient and after you are done, you will understand the topic.
Precalculus 02-21-2017 Was able to concisely explain concepts gone over during the session, and was able to assist me in application of those concepts later on.
English IV / Advanced Placement 02-19-2017 Awesome!!!!!
Algebra 2 02-18-2017 I really understood the process, and she is very patient.
Precalculus 02-17-2017 Awesome Tutor! Helped me understand the concepts very well! Would recommend.
Precalculus 02-14-2017 Very understanding of situations I faced, and was able to walk me through the processes step by step while still keeping me engaged.
Precalculus 02-13-2017 Awesome tutor!!
General Social Studies 02-13-2017 Very patient and helpful.
Precalculus 02-10-2017 Great Tutor!!:)
General Social Studies 01-26-2017 Great tutor! Very helpful, explained everything perfectly. :)
Algebra 1 01-23-2017 Patient and kind
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-20-2016 I liked her she was willing to help and very understanding.
Algebra 2 12-05-2016 Very helpful, and patient!
General Social Studies 11-26-2016 What an amazing tutor!! Very patient and resourceful :)
Algebra 1 11-22-2016 She was patient. :)
Algebra 1 11-14-2016 SHE IS GREAT
Algebra 2 11-14-2016 She was great! Helpful, kind, she explained things easily, she help walk you through the motions but didn't give you the answer!
Algebra 1 11-08-2016 My tutor was awesome she helped me so much and is so great ! I cant wait ot work with her again! thanks for all your help!!! :)
Algebra 1 10-31-2016 Patient, kind, a great tutor!
English I 02-17-2016 Ms.Holly Is the Best English Tutor I ever had! :) Ms.Holly is Very Helpful ,kind and Patient. Ms.holly is Awsome you are the best!;) :)
Algebra 1 02-16-2016 Very helpful and explained everything really well!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-25-2016 Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowoowowoowowowowowowowowoowowowowowoowowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!am174876
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-11-2016 very helpfull
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-22-2015 LOVE HER HANDS ON APPROACH and her patience so helpful.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-22-2015 She was Amazing i have had wonderful tutors before but she was sooo helpful she made it seem so easy and so simple. Highly recommend her to all!!!!
General Social Studies 12-18-2015 Amazing session!
Algebra 1 12-18-2015 She was very quick, and she explained everything very well!
General Social Studies 12-15-2015 Best tutor ever, 10/10 she helped me fast and got 99% correct!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-09-2015 Great
Algebra 1 12-09-2015 She was very helpful! She explained everything very clearly, and I understand the concept a lot better now.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-04-2015 She was nice, and helpful.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-02-2015 She was good
Algebra 1 12-01-2015 Very helpful!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 11-24-2015 SHES THE BEST TUTOR EVER! SHE HELPED ME SO MUCH!!
English I 11-24-2015 She is very excellent!
English I 11-23-2015 She is very good helper!!
English I 11-22-2015 She is a good tutor:)!
Biology 11-21-2015 Good sessions.
English I 11-19-2015 I like her
English I 11-18-2015 Nice and polite, Very smart, Choose her as a tutor
General Social Studies 11-18-2015 Good
General Social Studies 11-18-2015 I liked her.
General Social Studies 11-16-2015 Sweet nice polite well manner
General Social Studies 11-16-2015 She is amazing
General Social Studies 11-13-2015 Awesome
General Social Studies 11-11-2015 Awesome
Holly's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Science Chemistry, Earth / Environmental, Physics, Physical Science, Biology, Basic Science (Elementary), Elementary / Middle School Science
World Languages Spanish
Language Arts English I, English II, English III, English IV / Advanced Placement, Creative Writing, British Literature, Elementary / Middle School Language Arts, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
Test Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
Social Studies General Social Studies
Business Business Management, Psychology, Economics, Finance
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