Brena Brena is a Math tutor who specializes in SAT and ACT test prep
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I love math because I think it is beautiful, and I love helping other people see the magic in math. I earned my Bachelors in math with a minor in art and have been tutoring for 10 years now. In my spare time, I love to create with a variety of media, read, and enjoy nature.

Brena's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Science Chemistry, Earth / Environmental, Physics, Physical Science, Biology, Basic Science (Elementary), Elementary / Middle School Science
Language Arts English I, Elementary / Middle School Language Arts, English 9
Test Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
Education level University Graduated Major
Bachelors Colorado State University - Pueblo Graduated Mathematics
Brena's Testimonials
Course Date Testimonial
Elementary / Middle School Math 05-10-2018 She's amazing! She made sure I understood, and we got done just in time :-)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-27-2018 Brena is awesome she taught me new things and she was so funny
Algebra 1 04-25-2018 Brena is amazing! She answered my questions in a way that I understood and helped me to understand tutapoint (as well as math) better. Thanks Brena!!
Geometry 04-18-2018 She's really helpful and takes the time out to explain everything clearly.
Algebra 1 04-16-2018 Amazing tutor! Highly recommend
Geometry 04-12-2018 Awesome Session!
Geometry 04-11-2018 Helps you learn the steps behind the problems.
Geometry 04-10-2018 She helped me so much and was so kind! I enjoyed all her help and I understand what we worked on completely. She was the best!
Statistics 04-06-2018 She explains this very well and is so helpful.
Algebra 2 04-06-2018 Always Makes problems super simple and walks through them with patience and kindness. :)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-05-2018 Brena was very nice and tuaght me more efficent ways to solve math problems. She encourages poeple to try their best and work hard to get the correct answers. Thank you so much! (•‿•)
Geometry 04-05-2018 She was such an amazing tutor and so kind! She helped me understand everything we worked on. I would recommend her to anyone!
Geometry 04-04-2018 She helped me so much! 100%!!
Geometry 03-26-2018 Good session!
Elementary / Middle School Math 03-20-2018 AWESOME SESSION! Works with almost any math subject!
Geometry 03-15-2018 Good session!
Algebra 1 03-14-2018 It was great anyone would be lucky to have her in this session.
English I 03-12-2018 she is very patient and she knows what she is doing!
Chemistry 03-09-2018 Loved this session!! Great work with Acids and Bases!
Pre-Algebra 03-04-2018 Brena is great with her basic and advanced math skills. Our son is benefiting a lot from her sessions. Highly recommended. +++.
Geometry 02-12-2018 Awesome
Elementary / Middle School Math 02-05-2018 LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD
Geometry 02-01-2018 She went over everything so well. Helped me feel a lot more confident in myself than I have ever felt before! She was very nice and explained everything so smooth. Hope to work with her again in the future!
Biology 01-30-2018 She is really great ! really patient and she explains really good 10/10 :D
Geometry 01-29-2018 Awesome 100%!!
Geometry 01-25-2018 She helped me step by step with everything! She gave advice on the problems I was having in geometry! Most of all, she was super patient with me which means so much!1!
Algebra 1 01-24-2018 Was very helpful and made me understand!!
Geometry 01-21-2018 Awesome explanations from Brena!!
Geometry 12-04-2017 Awesome 100%
Geometry 10-10-2017 Good Session!
Geometry 09-19-2017 Awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 06-05-2017 she helped me alot
Algebra 2 05-29-2017 Awesome.
Algebra 1 05-26-2017 I love this tutor very much, she helps me alot.
Precalculus 05-22-2017 "Thorough and knows their material!"
Algebra 1 05-16-2017 I like how she did step by step and made sure i knew what she was doing, then we checked our work to make sure it was correct.
Algebra 1 05-09-2017 She is amazing tutor!!!
Algebra 1 05-02-2017 Awesome Session!!!!!!!!
Algebra 1 04-27-2017 She is amazing in math!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-27-2017 Excellent, explained things very clearly and easy to understand. On task. Very inspiring and full of life.
Precalculus 04-26-2017 She was understanding and thorough without being demeaning.
Algebra 1 04-21-2017 Good session!
Algebra 1 04-20-2017 I liked that she helped me to understand a concept that was foreign to me before. We solved all my problems and even an extra or two. I would definitely recommend this tutor with a 10/10 and five stars.
Precalculus 04-11-2017 Awesome tutor!! Very funny and patient :)
Algebra 1 04-06-2017 She help me so much in Algebra I!
Geometry 04-05-2017 She does explain the question which is good, But i said i did not go through that section and im lost in it, i told her to just explain the work on the board, tell me how she did it, and with the answer, she refused.
Algebra 1 03-31-2017 Thank you, you helped me out a lot with my homework.
Algebra 1 03-30-2017 I would recommend this tutor because she had a great way of teaching and has more of a hands on tactic for the questions!
Algebra 1 03-28-2017 Awesome Tutor!
Algebra 1 03-21-2017 Awesome, Brena is the best tutor, I like how she color and explain things to me. 100/100!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-21-2017 She was so helpfull!!
Algebra 1 03-14-2017 Good!!
Algebra 1 03-09-2017 it was good
Precalculus 03-07-2017 Awesome Tutor! Explains very well! :)
Algebra 1 02-23-2017 Awesome Session!! 100%.
Chemistry 02-21-2017 So helpful, answered all of my questions and helped me understand the concept so much better.
Geometry 02-14-2017 She helps a lot! She explains it to you till you get it! Best tutor ever!
Algebra 1 02-12-2017 She is really a genius!!
Biology 02-08-2017 Amazinnngggggg!
Biology 02-08-2017 Great Tutor!! So patient :)
Algebra 1 02-07-2017 Ms. Brena is AMAZING!!
Biology 02-01-2017 She is amazing. She answers you're question, but makes sure that you understand, and you answer it also. She helps for as long as she can, no inbetweens. I reccomend her to everyone! She's especially great with Biology (you know who I am....:) Am I right....? *pshhh, flips short hair*)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 02-01-2017 The teacher was super helpful and very nice .
Algebra 1 01-24-2017 Awesome!
Algebra 1 01-10-2017 She explained everything really well and made sure I understood the problems.
Geometry 01-08-2017 i loved my tutor she helped me alot AND i want to thank her for that
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-04-2017 I liked how she explained everything very well and showed me different ways of how to solve each problem.
Algebra 1 12-22-2016 I loved this tutor
Earth / Environmental 12-20-2016 good
Biology 12-17-2016 She's amazing! She teaches you throughly, patiently and she is soooo kind! She makes jokes about the subject which will make you laugh. She's such a nice strict but easy going person! I recommend her 100%
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-15-2016 very nice stayed with me for 4 hours
Algebra 1 12-14-2016 She is an awesome tutor
Algebra 1 12-13-2016 Awesome session!
Algebra 1 12-09-2016 I love her so much! She is super helpful and very great at explaining! She loves math so she explains it extremely well!
Biology 12-08-2016 She's amazing and soooo nice! Love her! RECCOMEND HER 100%!!
Algebra 1 12-08-2016 Very friendly and active!
Algebra 1 12-05-2016 A mathematician!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-05-2016 g r e a t
Chemistry 12-03-2016 Helpful
Biology 12-02-2016 SHE'S AMAZING! Like, I'm so speechless! She's so nice, and explains throughly! AMAZING!
Precalculus 11-30-2016 I liked how concepts are explain thoroughly
Algebra 1 11-30-2016 I liked how when I got stuck on a problem, she described the steps of the problem
Calculus 11-26-2016 The work was shown thoroughly, and I was able to understand the problems a lot better!
Algebra 1 11-18-2016 So patient,kind, and an amazing tutor look forward to her help in the future.:)
Algebra 1 11-17-2016 She was so nice and patient with me! I would like to have her again :)
Algebra 1 11-17-2016 She did both ways for solving it.
Geometry 11-11-2016 This is my first time on Tuta Point, and so far i like it. I like the use of whiteboards and and the things you can do on them.
Algebra 1 11-10-2016 She was helpful best math tutor on tuta point
Algebra 1 11-02-2016 It was good. Most tutors I get have no clue what they are talking about.
Algebra 1 10-25-2016 AWESOME
Algebra 1 10-25-2016 Ms. Brena Is by far the sweetest , and most patient tutor that i have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is amazing at what she does and does not only help you solve your problems but she helps you better understand the concept. :)
Algebra 1 10-21-2016 She is the most patient and kind tutor ever. She not only helped me work out my problems but created a fun and lighthearted atmosphere to better understand the topic i was struggling on. :) Forever great full!
Algebra 1 10-20-2016 They talk and explained very well and they were nice. If i had the wrong answer they would explain nicely why it was wrong.
Algebra 1 10-11-2016 She's super sweet, and really patient. Makes me feel relaxed and confident!
Chemistry 10-06-2016 She helped me with Chemistry and is also skilled in math. Very patient and have her own sense of humor. :-)
Algebra 2 10-05-2016 Great tutor and VERY patient, loved having her.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 09-29-2016 She was really nice and was very paitent as a solved the anwers.
Algebra 1 09-29-2016 The tutor helped me understand. She told me how to do the problem and I did it, and I got the answers right. She was very, very helpful!
Algebra 1 09-27-2016 She is fun to work with.
Calculus 09-21-2016 She was awesome! She really helped explain the problems so I could complete them and understand how to complete them in the future!
Geometry 05-30-2016 very helpful put in overtime with me to help on my reviews for my geometry final THANK YOU MS.BRENA
Calculus 05-24-2016 Very helpful! She explained it well and was patient with me. I got through a lot of problems I had trouble with.
Precalculus 05-20-2016 She was very informative and easy to talk to!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-11-2016 The session was very helpful. She explained things very well.
Calculus 05-10-2016 Brena was extremely helpful with my AP calculus work! She was very patient and knowledgeable! I am definitely coming back for more help!!
Precalculus 04-29-2016 She is SUPER HELPFUL
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-26-2016 Brena is amazing,smart,funny.caring, she really helped me a lot today. She is the best tutor ever. I will always keep in touch with her.
Geometry 04-13-2016 She's an amazing tutor! She always helps me pick up my grade!! Things that seemed impossible are really easy now! She's patient and really helpful. If you need help, you should definitely schedule a session with her! :)
Algebra 1 04-06-2016 Great tutor
Geometry 04-04-2016 She was very patient and helpful and explained everything very well.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-29-2016 Vary helpful i would sejest her. she helped me understand and my brain and lost, but she was vary calm and pashint with me.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-29-2016 She is very kind, Funny, Cool.
Algebra 1 03-22-2016 Very helpful!!
Precalculus 03-22-2016 She's really nice
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-22-2016 She is really nice, Funny,Smart. She helps me a lot.
Geometry 03-21-2016 Great! helped with equations I really didn't understand. A++
Algebra 1 03-20-2016 Very helpful! She was very nice and able to help me understand a question I didn't get before.
Calculus 03-20-2016 She explained all the topics fully and helped me explain the applications of the basic ideas.
Chemistry 03-18-2016 She is awesome very funny and is extremely a master at what she dose .
Algebra 1 03-11-2016 She is sooooo good. She's the only tutor I have ever went to for math!
Physics 03-08-2016 My tutor was very patient and very good at explaining concepts I did not understand.
Algebra 1 03-02-2016 This tutor is absolutely great!! Had an awesome session with her!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-01-2016 I liked everything in there. Is is very nice and sweet, Very caring.
Algebra 1 02-24-2016 very helpful and I understood everything perfect :) !!!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 02-23-2016 She helped me with my math and I learned alot in just half an hour.
Physics 02-23-2016 She is very helpful, I totally recommend her. Thanks
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 02-18-2016 She helps with all types of math.She will answer you questions and help you with anything you don't understand.
Chemistry 02-18-2016 She is funny awesome and knows her stuff.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 02-17-2016 I liked that she helped me with dividing fractions and she made it look really easy.She makes dividing fractions seem like kindergarten math.
Geometry 02-17-2016 She was awesome and helpful.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 02-16-2016 She really helped me! I had a few problems that I really struggled with and she helped me get the answer and understand it!
Biology 01-24-2016 AWESOME!!
Biology 01-22-2016 :) ++ A+
Geometry 01-15-2016 This tutor is great! She practices with you to make sure you know what you're doing and she doesn't stop until you understand the subject!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-15-2016 She was great! She was patient and worked out all of my problems with me! She has helped me greatly!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-14-2016 Awesome session!
Chemistry 01-13-2016 Awesome!++
Geometry 01-13-2016 awesome and very helpful
Algebra 2 01-13-2016 She is the all time best tutor I have EVER had with Tutapoint!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-13-2016 I really enjoyed how she helped me with all the problems that I had and how she was so nice!
Chemistry 01-12-2016 Amazing!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-11-2016 I really get everything as 1+1
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-10-2016 Awesome
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-08-2016 She is so so awesome I got 100/100 on Final exam!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-06-2016 She is so awesome!!
Geometry 01-06-2016 She's awesome! She's fun and she helped me go from having a 67% in geometry to having an 80%! Definitely study with her!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-05-2016 She is so awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-04-2016 She is awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-03-2016 Shh! I will tell you about the person who can help you in your math! This person is 99.99% correct, except if you didn't understand it, this person will make it is easy as 1+1, You're just a click away. If you want, Click "Schedule a Session" You will see!! Plus not only a math genius, She is a remembering, chemistry, and grades genius! And not only that, She is so so funny! She likes fun! She is so patient, funny, friendly, and willing to help you!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-31-2015 Awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-31-2015 She is so good! I really like her.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-30-2015 :) Awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-29-2015 Good session
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-27-2015 She is so so good teacher.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-23-2015 Awesome session, I have a grade of A+ now!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-20-2015 AMAZING TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-18-2015 Awesome, got 70/70
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-18-2015 i got 20/20
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-16-2015 She is awesome, I got a grade of A+, I love her so much. Brena explains everything she does.
Geometry 12-16-2015 Very helpful even counting the tech diffculties she helped me
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-15-2015 She is so good!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-14-2015 Another awesome session!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-12-2015 EVERYTHING IS 25/25 and 5/5 and 75/75!!!!!!!!
Calculus 12-11-2015 She is great at math!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-11-2015 100/100
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-10-2015 She explain every step and is very nice.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-09-2015 I was having sooo much trouble with a certain subject but she made it as thought it was kindergarten work. She helped me so much and at the same time created funny and kind atmosphere. She was the best...EVER I suggest here to EVERYONE!! :)
Geometry 12-07-2015 She definitely takes the time to figure out how you learn and what the best way to help you out are! She's nice and fun and she makes the hardest things seem like a cake walk!!
Precalculus 12-02-2015 Very good at identifying what you understand and what you don't and really goes in depths to help you understand Very helpful!!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-01-2015 I really like her very much she is funny, smart, caring I want her for all of my tutoring sessions please. Thank you.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 11-28-2015 awesome
Chemistry 11-23-2015 She is very nice!!
Chemistry 11-21-2015 She is awesome, I love tutoring with her
Chemistry 11-20-2015 She really helps me.
Chemistry 11-20-2015 I like this tutor very much. She helps in absolutely anything.
Chemistry 11-19-2015 I don't like her.......... I Love her.
Geometry 11-19-2015 she is great at explaining the things and breaking them down so i fully can understand them.
Chemistry 11-18-2015 Awesome, I liked her
Algebra 1 11-17-2015 My tutor was very helpful. She explains things excellently, and she also has a really positive attitude.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 11-17-2015 She was very helpful and kind and nice and funny.
Geometry 11-17-2015 She was great! She was really patient and she made everything I was confused with seem as easy as 1+1=2!! I'm definitely coming back to her again if I need help!!
Geometry 11-13-2015 Miss Brena knows her stuff! thanks!
Geometry 11-06-2015 Awesome!!!!!
Geometry 11-03-2015 great helper to get off onthe right track for geomerty!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 11-02-2015 Awesome!
Algebra 1 11-02-2015 Great teacher !!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-31-2015 AWESOME,
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-30-2015 EVERYTHING IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!
Algebra 1 10-29-2015 :):D:):):D:D:D:):):):):):):):)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-27-2015 I got 100/100
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-27-2015 :)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-27-2015 100/100 and 5/5 and 25/25 and 5/5 and 5/5
Geometry 10-26-2015 Love my tutor! :) :) :) EXCELLENT JOB!
Algebra 1 10-25-2015 :)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-21-2015 Awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-21-2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Algebra 1 10-21-2015 This tutor was so awesome she needs to help more often. She is so awesome.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-19-2015 AAWESOME:):):):):):)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-17-2015 Please schedule a session with her!
Geometry 10-14-2015 Awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-13-2015 1000/1000
Statistics 10-12-2015 She is very patient.
Geometry 10-11-2015 Awesome! A+
Statistics 10-09-2015 Awesome
Statistics 10-06-2015 AWESOME
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-05-2015 very nice! she made sure i was i check
Statistics 10-04-2015 Awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-02-2015 Awesome!! 75/75!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 09-29-2015 Awesome!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 09-25-2015 She is so awesome. She helped me understand it better.
Algebra 2 09-23-2015 awesome awesome awesome
Statistics 09-21-2015 100/100
Statistics 09-21-2015 Awesome. Love her.
Geometry 09-20-2015 This was my first tutor session with Miss Brena, and she was very helpful and we did work step by step, so I understand things!
Algebra 1 09-16-2015 My Tutor, Brena, was really helpful! I understood everything clearly.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 07-23-2015 100/100!
Algebra 1 07-15-2015 fun and a great tutor
Geometry 07-13-2015 Awesome
Geometry 07-11-2015 Amazing!
Geometry 07-10-2015 awesome
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 07-09-2015 Absolutely outstanding skill! This is the kind of tutor I've been waiting for. Best tutor to date. Truly amazed.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 07-09-2015 Awesome. 100/100!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 07-06-2015 Awesome!
Precalculus 07-01-2015 Awesome tutor! Best one I've encountered, super efficient and educational!! Love my sessions with her!
Statistics 06-22-2015 Most MOst Most Most Most amazing math tutor, teacher, and explainer!!
Statistics 06-19-2015 Amazing session!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 06-18-2015 She is .............Incredible!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 06-17-2015 Wow! Super amzing tutor.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 06-08-2015 Amazing explainer!
Precalculus 05-26-2015 I could have learned everything my teacher failed to teach me all semester right now from Brena
Precalculus 05-25-2015 Consistently great
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-19-2015 Best tutor at all. Help to explain math better than any tutor.
Precalculus 05-14-2015 If my teacher explained things as simply and easy to understand as her, the world would be a better place.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-14-2015 Brena explains math better than any math teacher or tutor. Just perfect.
Algebra 1 04-29-2015 absolutely love her she is super nice and helped me a lot
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-21-2015 This Tutor helped me get my grade up. I was failing and now i'm at a B- ........... That's pretty good for me. This tutor helps you understand what your doing, she will walk through it step by step with you till you get it down and memorized. I love her. :D
Precalculus 04-20-2015 What I wouldn't give to have her as my math teacher instead of my own. She simply shows things in such a way that I can finally understand what is going on.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-07-2015 She always give me the right answer. i gave her 20 questions and I had them 100% correct.
Precalculus 03-27-2015 In a very brief amount of time, I was able to understand and perform the lesson.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-23-2015 Like to tutor with her.I like how she go over problems. She make me know the magic of math.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 03-21-2015 Like her very much.
Precalculus 02-28-2015 Once again I can only be baffled by her ability to turn exceedingly foreign concepts into simple to understand math
Precalculus 02-26-2015 Consistently clearing up previously foreign material to me, I would not be nearly where I am in my class without her.
Precalculus 01-30-2015 Even on short notice, she was available to help and got me through an entire practice quiz with no problem at all.
Precalculus 01-25-2015 We breezed through a concept that I was having difficulty with in about a half an hour with no problems at all
Precalculus 01-11-2015 Made accommodations to help our session when my computer froze up and also was a large part in the reason I got a B on my final
Precalculus 12-17-2014 We went through every single trouble area on my study guide and helped me to understand them at a much better level than my teacher ever could
Precalculus 12-08-2014 I have learned everything that I needed within two hours, what my own teacher could not teach me over the course of three days.
Precalculus 12-07-2014 Once again, I have learned everything that my own teacher cannot express to me with ease from her.
Precalculus 11-30-2014 Another awesome session
Trigonometry 11-30-2014 Worked through problems at a nice brisk pace so I could ask questions after evaluation. Awesome!
Algebra 2 11-22-2014 I learned everything I needed to know at an efficient pace. I do not have enough praise for her.
Algebra 1 11-19-2014 The tutor was very patient and rush through the problems. She was very kind and helpful and explained how to do each problem very well.
Precalculus 11-19-2014 I feel more confident in my material with her, than I have all year with my teacher. I do not have enough thanks for the work that has been put in.
Precalculus 11-15-2014 She definitely helped me to learn everything I needed to learn as well as truly understand the material
Precalculus 11-10-2014 I learned everything I needed to know easily and she made concepts that I was more than confused on, much easier to deal with.
Algebra 2 11-09-2014 I finally understand everything my algebra teacher couldn't explain to me
Geometry 11-02-2014 I liked that the tutor was really helpful and she was awesome! there was a lot of interaction and support in my answers or my thought process.
Calculus 10-14-2014 I call her the Grade Booster!
Calculus 10-13-2014 Highly recommended for calculus.
Geometry 10-07-2014 My tutoring session was very effective! My tutor really helped me understand what I needed to, and explained when I asked. She made things a lot more clear for me, than if I were to be sitting in a classroom with my teacher. The clarification was appreciated. She was kind, focused, and clearly knew what she was doing! She was a very helpful tutor.
Calculus 09-28-2014 Brena helped me through some very tough calculus concepts. I was amazed how simple it was after she explained it.
Algebra 2 07-23-2014 Great Tutor! She was very patient when I had to upload the examples!
Geometry 04-16-2014 She was very helpful and I understood where I was going wrong and how to fix that when we talked.
Algebra 2 04-01-2014 Excellent Gets the job done im prepared for my Quiz!
Calculus 02-21-2014 She answered my question directly.
Geometry 02-04-2014 Brena explained things quite clearly and, both during the session and at the end, I understood how she (and I) had arrived at the conclusion.
Brena's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra, Elementary / Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra
Science Chemistry, Earth / Environmental, Physics, Physical Science, Biology, Basic Science (Elementary), Elementary / Middle School Science
Language Arts English I, Elementary / Middle School Language Arts, English 9
Test Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
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