How to know if an acid or base is weak or strong?

This is a question I get often: "How do I know if an acid (or base) is weak or strong? Fortunately, there is a simple answer to that question Smile

Most acids and bases are weak, meaning that they do not completely dissociate into its ions, when we place them in solution. Only a few acids and bases are strong. Therefore, the key to master this topic is to learn the list of strong acids and bases that you can find below. If you are presented with an acid or base that is not on this list, that means that acid or base is weak. Is that simple! Laughing

The STRONG acids are...

HCL = hydrochloric acid

HBr = hydrobromic acid

HI = hydroiodic acid

HNO3 = nitric acid

H2SO4= sulfuric acid

HClO3 = chloric acid

HClO4= perchloric acid

And the STRONG bases are...

LiOH = lithium hydroxide

NaOH = sodium hydroxide

KOH = potassium hydroxide

RbOH = rubidium hydroxide

CsOH = cesium hydroxide

Ca(OH)2 = calcium hydroxide

Sr(OH)2 = strontium hydroxide

Ba(OH)2 = barium hydroxide

For example, is nitrous acid (HNO2) weak or strong? If we look at the list of acids, this one is not on the list, Therefore, nitrous acid is a weak acid Smile

I hope this tip helps you understand this topic better! Please leave your comments and suggestions, and also let me know which chemistry topics would you like to read about. Smile I have many tips to share with you, so I look forward to your comments, thanks for reading my blog and have a wonderful week! Laughing 



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