Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse occurs when moon is right between Earth and the Sun. When this happens, the moon blocks the sunlight and all we can see on the Earth is the shadow of the moon. There are three types of solar eclipse. First one is the total solar eclipse, second one is partial, and the third one is annular. The first one happens when the sun is totally blocked out. The moon's shadow has two parts, one is umbra) and the other is penumbra. So when umbra passes over, we will get the total solar eclipsde, and at this time all the light of the sun is blocked, and the sky will go as dark as we can see at night. Amazingly, this is the only time we can see the corona of the sun.  And when the penumbra passes over, we will only get a partial solar eclipse. That is more common.  Last but not the least, annular solar eclipse looks really cool. The word "annular" means "of a ring", so when we see the annular solar sclipse, all we see is a light ring on the sky. This happens when the moon is so far away in its orbit that the umbra can't really reach the Earth.
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