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How to say "How are you" in Mandarin Chinese? In order to make it easier for you to say it, I decide to use English words as reference. I will use English words that sounds similar to Chinese Pinyin to make the proounciation. Since not every English word will match, I will also cross out some characters. Those characters being crossed out will be in black ink, so you will see it clearly. I have also included the correct pinyin just in case you want to know it:


As you can see, I have crossed out the "d" in the word need to make it sound like the pinyin nǐ. The other parts are similar. "Ham" and "Hour" are connected together and have some characters crossed out to make it sound like the pinyin

hÇŽo, then you cut off the "rs" in the word "Mars" to make it sound like the pinyin "ma". I hope you like it.

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