Why Rutherford's Atomic Model is wrong in terms of energy

We know that Rutherford's Atomic Model was an important step forward in the study of atomic physics, but it is wrong because it does not obey conservation of energy. Here's how: The electron(s) in the atom are constantly moving and they changed directly are the time. We know that any accelerated electric charge must give off electromagnetic radiation, and so if Rutherord's Atomic Model is really true, that means the electron(s) in the atomic orbit(s) will constantly give off energy in terms of electromagnetic radiation. At the mean time when electrons give off energy that way that have to move towards the nucleus, and at the end all the electrons will just fall into nucleus and the atom will cease to exist in the form we know. This has to happen because the energy the electrons gives away must come from somewhere, and in this case the energy are generated by moving the electrons toward the nucleus. Think about it: if this is true, then how can atoms last billions of years without getting energy that way? And therefore Rutherford's Atomic Model doesn't make sense in terms of conservation of energy and that was why later on scientist got new atomic models.

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