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In this article I am going to show you how to tell people where you are from in Mandarin Chinese.

In order to make it easier for you to say it, I decide to use English words as simulation reference. I will use English words that sounds similar to Chinese Pinyin to make the proounciation. Since not every English word will match, I will also cross out some characters. Those characters being crossed out will be in black ink, so you will see it clearly. I have also included the correct pinyin just in case you want to know it.Here is the picture slide I make, to say "I am from United States":

Where are you from

Interestingly, the English word "wok" with the "k" crossed out sounds exactly the same as the Chinese pinyin "wo" (corresponding to the word "我“. "Nice Zi" with "ce" crossed out will sound like "來自”. United States  will sound similar to " May Gok".


You know what, instead of saying "I am from United States", you can also say "I am American", right? So here's how to say "I am American" in Mandarin Chinese:

Where are you from II

The word "American" is similar to sayng "May Gok Ren".

Here I just assume the readers are all from United States. If you want to know names of other countries, maybe I will post another article next time, or please contact tutapoint if I haven't posted it yet.

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