Memorize Derivatives and Integrals of Trig Functions

Derivatives and integrals of trig functions are easier to remeber when they are remembered in pairs that correspond to each other. Check this out:

1. Derivative of sin x is cos x; the integral of cos x therefore equals sin x +c;

2. Derivative of cos x is -sin x, so the integral of sin x is -cos x +c;

3. Derivative of tan x is sec2x, therefore the integral of sec2x is tan x + c;

4. Derivative of cot x is -csc2x, therefore the integral of csc2x is -cot x +c;

5. Derivative of sec x is sec x * tan x, so we figure out the integral of sec x * tan x would be sec x + c;

6. Derivative of csc x is -csc x * cot x, and so we figure out the integral of csc x * cot x would be -csc x + c.



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