Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the "Sign Up" link and then follow these steps:

1. Simply fill out the information requested on the sign up screen. You do not need to provide your billing information now.

2. Upon completion you will be brought to your schedule page.

3. You can schedule a future session or request help immediately.

Tutors are available on demand or for pre-scheduled tutoring sessions any time. It is recommended that you request a session as far in advance as possible, so that we can locate the best tutor to fit your needs. But if you need a tutor now, we can help! 

We have economical options for every student. Students can pay by the hour for just $40 or subscribe to one of TutaPoint's monthly plans, which start at just $115/month. You can cancel anytime.

To cancel a monthly tutoring plan: sign into your account and select My Account from the menu. Deselect the Monthly Tutoring Plan you are subscribed to.

Want to pay as you go? No problem, we also offer tutoring for just $40, which is billed directly to the credit card you submitted on the application. Billing is done using 5 minute increments, with a 15 minute minimum, so a half-hour session costs only $20.


The first step in providing an excellent tutoring website is to find excellent tutors! works with teaching professionals from all over the United States, including certified teachers, retired teachers, teaching assistants, professors, and others who are passionate about teaching one or more of our subject areas.

Want to take a look at our tutors? Click here.

Unlike other large online tutoring companies, uses only US based tutors. Our tutors deliver instruction using the rhythm and explanations our students require to achieve excellence.

TutaPoint is also happy to assist a student or parent match the best tutor for their needs. You can work with one of our staff members to interview and select a tutor. Simply email Sara Downey at

Yes, our administrative Web team routinely monitors tutoring sessions on a daily basis.
Simply log-in and view your scheduled sessions. Find the session you wish to cancel and hit the "Cancel" button.

Yes, all sessions must be canceled with greater than 4 hours before the session is scheduled or you will be charged for 30 minutes of tutoring time. To ensure we are able to retain the highest-quality tutors, we must guarantee tutor pay at some measurable point.

No, regardless as to whether the session was scheduled or spontaneous, the fee is the same. See Pricing for details on our rates.

Yes, when scheduling a session, type in the username of the tutor you wish to be paired with and priority will be issued to that tutor. However, if that tutor is not available, you will be paired with the next available tutor that meets your needs.

To review our list of tutors simply click here.

The minimum length of a session is 15 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, you are billed for every additional 15 minutes of live tutoring provided.

Sessions may last up to 2 hours
Unfortunately no, sessions must be paid by a Visa or MasterCard card only. When a student registers with, a credit card number is put on file. For every tutoring session, the credit card account is billed.
Log-in and click on Account Settings from the student options under the Welcome Back sign. Once on the Account Settings page, select "Billing" from the top of the screen and re-enter the new credit card information. Remember to hit "Save" before exiting the page.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome or Safari.
    Note: Mac users using Firefox must make certain security setting changes. Our system will prompt you to make these changes. however we recommend that Mac users choose an alternate browser like Chrome or Safari.
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Webcam for video (optional)
  • Headset and microphone for audio communication (optional)
  • Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher (downloadable free)
Simply click on "forgot password" under the log-in screen. If you need further assistance, simply call (800) 390-2370 or e-mail

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