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Introducing Viola Feld, TutaPoint Education’s New Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development

Posted By Ryan Duques

By Meredith Crawford


For Viola Feld, TutaPoint’s new Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development, ensuring children have access to high-quality education has always been a passion.


“I’ve always loved math and have made it a point to teach students aged 2 to 18 in a variety of subjects since I was in high school,” says Feld, who moved with her family from Odessa, Ukraine, to New Jersey when she was 7 years old.


Feld brings more than a decade’s experience in the education industry to her new role at TutaPoint, where she will be responsible for growing the firm’s revenue through expanded relationships with schools and colleges. In her previous positions, she estimates she has “worked with thousands of students, parents, and educators.” Most recently, she served as General Manager at Tomorrow’s Genius. In addition, she founded the private tutoring company Head Start Learning “to give students the flexibility and quality education that she saw were systematically being taken away from them.”


Feld also brings tutoring experience to her new position at TutaPoint, which has been rated highest in the online tutoring industry by the Better Business Bureau.


“[I've] seen firsthand the lasting effects of a strong, reinforced education on children,” she says. “I’ve personally taught children of all ages, created curriculum, and trained instructors with a single goal in mind: to make sure that each child is provided with the best possible instruction and education to increase their grades and confidence with lasting results.”


“Each age group comes with their own unique challenges and rewards. I’ve taught small groups of up to 10 children aged 4 to 6 years old, as well as a range of students one-on-one. Tutoring allows me to experience what my tutors go through, understand the needs and challenges that families face, and stay current in an industry that I love. Working with the kids to help improve their academic skills and increase their confidence is very rewarding and reminds me every day why I do what I do.”


Feld says the decision to apply for her new position at TutaPoint was a no-brainer.


“TutaPoint stood out right away from the pack for its pricing…and the fact that it’s all substance, and no fluff. I think TutaPoint’s low prices, great tutors, and amazing customer service really make a positive impact on parents and students, rather than taking advantage of their needs to make money. TutaPoint has a lot of integrity and strong ethics as a company, which stems directly from the founder.”


Feld says she’s most excited about getting to know TutaPoint’s students, parents, and teachers.


Viola Feld at TutaPoint’s New York Office


“I love interacting and building relationships with new people, especially ones that are as passionate about education as I am,” she says. ”I’m looking forward to leveraging my knowledge and relationships to provide as many students as possible with truly quality educational opportunities and academic services.”


In her spare time, Feld, who is engaged and lives in Forest Hills, New York, still enjoys working in an educational capacity.


“I spend the majority of my free time on opening a S.T.E.A.M. Learning Center, where young children ages 4 to 12 can unleash their inner mad scientists, discoverers, artists, and inventors. This center is a lifelong dream of mine, on the cusp of fruition.”


Contact Viola Feld at [email protected] or at (646) 650-2698


About TutaPoint:
TutaPoint provides synchronous online academic learning services to consumers and schools grades 4 – 16. The firm’s homework help, one-on-one tutoring and college readiness programs are the highest rated in the industry and have been profiled in the Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine.



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