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Tutoring Account Tools Reduce Over Usage and Offer Plan Information

Posted By Ryan Duques

Parents and students that benefit from regular academic tutoring need easy access to the most up-to-date account information. Here are two new tools at TutaPoint that will help our users control their experience:
1. Students can access information about their monthly tutoring plan anytime by selecting “My Account” and then clicking on the “Plan” menu item. Students without a plan can select one here: TutaPoint.com/pricing
Tutoring Plan
2.  Students and parents that meet with a tutor regularly won’t need to worry about how much time they have left on their monthly tutoring subscription. TutaPoint has  just released a new feature that notifies our clients by email when their available tutoring time drops below 45 minutes. Simply select My Account, then Notifications to activate this service.
Please note that this feature will not show if you do not yet have a discounted monthly tutoring plan – to activate your plan today, visit: TutaPoint.com/pricing
Low Minute Warning Option

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