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TutaPoint 2013 Back-to-School Student Survey

Posted By Meredith Crawford

Teens have always been difficult to read, and with all the distractions of today’s high-tech, always-plugged-in world, it can be even harder to know what goes on inside high-school students’ heads. But TutaPoint is here to shine a light.


We conducted a survey right before school started to find out just what teens are thinking about their education and what’s going on in the classroom. We got the scoop on their tech habits, too.


The results might surprise you.

School’s Out for Summer – Good or Bad?

  • If you thought no teen would ever admit that there was a downside to summer vacation, think again: 71% of respondents admit that summer break can have a negative impact on their learning, saying, “Yes, I lose some of the stuff I learned last year over the summer.”

Talking Technology

  • If you guessed that a majority of respondents were smartphone users, you’d be right: 61 percent say they use either an iPhone or Android.

  • But, none of the respondents own a Blackberry or Windows phone.

  • The main way student respondents reach the Internet? The laptop.

  • Forget about the “dog-ate-my-homework” excuse of yore: 62 percent of student respondents say they can turn in their homework assignments online or via email.

In the Classroom

  • Not all learning is taking place inside the bricks-and-mortar high school: 42 percent of student respondents say they’ve taken a course online, and 30 percent say they’ve taken an online course for credit.
  • No need to clap those erasers—Most classrooms don’t even have blackboards anymore! In fact, 64 percent of respondents say their classrooms don’t use traditional blackboards.

The Stressors

  • When it’s time to hit the books, 38 percent of student respondents say it’s math homework that gives them the most stress—ahead of prepping for the ACT/SAT and maintaining an after-school job.
  • 55 percent of student respondents say they feel a tutor could help them get better grades.

 The TutaPoint unit of Apparos Education conducted this survey between Aug. 26 and Aug. 29, 2013. More than 10,000 invitations to participate were sent out to students through email and social media. Sixty-five responses were received from students across the United States, with no specific geographical region represented. More females responded than men. Respondents received no compensations, but all were entered in a random drawing for a gift card.

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