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Top Signs You Need Online Tutoring

Posted By Meredith Crawford

By Meredith Crawford


Have you ever studied all week for a test, only to realize you focused on the wrong things when you sat down to take it?


Are the rest of your classmates outpacing you, even though you understand the material?


Are you drawn to distractions like your smartphone, your friends, and the latest gossip – basically anything that isn’t on the day’s lesson plan?


These could be signs that you could benefit from one-to-one, online tutoring. And, there are lots of scenarios for which it is a great option for students.


Sometimes a student just needs an extra hour to spend on a particular lesson, problem, or text, says Lindsay Stopa, a social studies teacher at Westbrook High School.


“Maybe they need extra practice away from the classroom so that they can focus on building skills without distractions,” like technology and friends, she says.


This can be as true of students who “get” the information as it is of students who are struggling to understand it, she says. Both types of students can benefit from working on strategies with a tutor.


Working one-on-one with a tutor can help students focus on core learning skills like how to study effectively and how to manage your time, Stopa adds.


“It can also be extra reinforcement of what’s going on in the classroom – to hear the tutor repeat or stress the same information as the classroom teacher,” she says.


North Haven High School Counselor Anthony Mastriano agrees, adding that one-on-one tutoring can positively build on the foundation being laid in the classroom.


Online tutoring allows students the chance to “reinforce learned skills to increase their knowledge in a certain subject area or spend more time growing in areas they need more support,” he says.


“Another advantage to online tutoring [is that it] allows students to tap into their own learning techniques,” continues Mastriano. “Many students that are visual and hands-on learners may find online tutoring an advantage to their educational program.”


So how do you know if online tutoring is right for you? Is there a particular type of student who benefits most from it?


Mastriano thinks so.


“Students who benefit from online tutoring tend to be more self-motivated to complete the individualized programs. They tend to also enjoy the non-traditional tutoring setting; the beauty of online tutoring and classes is that they allow students to work at their own pace,” he concludes.



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