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Top Questions to Ask on College Tours

Posted By Ryan Duques


Daniel Hand High School in Madison, Connecticut

By Meredith Crawford

Does the thought of visiting a college campus and coming up with substantial, get-to-the-heart-of-it questions leave you feeling overwhelmed—or worse, tongue-tied?

You’re not alone. You’ve probably pored over websites for hours, trying to decide which schools will best suit your needs. You can barely remember which school offers an interior design major and which has that concentration in veterinarian science. And now you have to come up with more questions that might complicate your final decision even more?!
But don’t fret. The right questions and observations can actually make your decision easier for you, because they’ll garner the best answers. Your goal here is to get the clearest picture possible about the schools you might end up devoting four years of your life to.

Daniel Hand High School’s College & Career Planning Guide offers some great questions to get you started.
• “What are the strongest departments at the college? Is there an opportunity to work one-on-one with professors?”
• “What sizes are classes generally?”
• “How do I compare academically with students already attending this school?”
• “Do you have internships and/or a career center to assist in post-college plans?”
• “What do students do after they graduate? Do they go on to post-graduate studies? What percentage are employed upon graduation?”
• “How important are fraternities and sororities on campus?”
• “What percentage of students remain on campus during weekends?”
• “What kinds of living accommodations are there? Dorms? Foreign language houses? Private apartments? What percentage of students live in each?”
• “Are sports available for the average player? Ask about specific activities which interest you.”
• “What percentage of students receive financial aid?”
• “What support services are available to students? Post-graduate planning? Free health care? Tutoring if needed? Help finding off-campus employment during the school year and during the summer? Junior year abroad or at another U.S. institution?”

“What is the institutional policy and commitment to ethnic/cultural diversity?”

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