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Test Prep for Students with Learning Disabilities: SAT and ACT Exam

Posted By Ryan Duques

Preparing for the college entrance exams SAT and ACT is challenging, even for students that are able to achieve success in the classroom naturally. But not every student learns the same way, and students with diagnosed learning disabilities require a learning environment and program that meets their specific needs. In many cases, when students with certain learning disabilities are taught using methods that match their needs, those students thrive and achieve success.

Preparing for these exams should be no different. 

Specialized Prep (SpecializedPrep.org) provides a college entrance exam prep program for students with learning disabilities like ADD and ADHD. The program specifically prepares students with learning disabilities to take both the exams.

“We’ve seen hundreds of kids come through our doors with learning disabilities, and we’ve helped hundreds of kids to succeed on these exams,” said Sam Rosensohn, SAT and ACT Prep Professional and Specialized Prep instructor.

Specialized Prep uses a method of course delivery and student engagement that has been supported by research to help students with learning disabilities achieve success. 

Specialized Prep prepares students by:

1.     Using a diagnostic assessment exam, we determine which test the student will perform best on

2.     Results from the diagnostic are reviewed and a recommendation is made

3.     Students take either of the prep classes, which is custom designed for students with learning disabilities. Classes are held online and are conducted live with audio and video.

4.     Upon completion of the classes, students take a full practice exams

5.     Results from the practice exam are analyzed and a diagnostic report is produced

6.     Finally, the student receives two hours of one-on-one private tutoring online. The private tutor works from the diagnostic report to address any areas of weakness, ensuring that points are added to the students score.

Specialized Prep’sprogram is comprehensive. In addition to the diagnostic assessment, classes, reports and private tutoring, students also receive the books and materials they will need. There is nothing additional to purchase.


In addition to helping students prepare for the exam, Specialized Prep also offers parents information on how to attain testing accommodations for the exam. 

For upcoming classes and additional information, visit Specialized Prep at www.SpecializedPrep.org 

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