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Terrified by Math? A Solution for Parents of Homeschool Students

Posted By Ryan Duques

Homeschool parents are often terrified by these words: Algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. Unless you happen to have been a math major in school yourself, math subjects can be particularly daunting to teach. But there is help for your student: online tutoring using U.S. based tutors.

Need a few reasons to consider supplementing your math instruction using an online math tutor? Here are five reasons to use an online math tutor: h tutoring for help:


1 – Remove the Frustration of Teaching Math


Homeschool parents can end up feeling lost in piles of confusing textbooks and can often find it difficult to know where to begin. Teaching math from a textbook is difficult. To achieve math success, students need to be regularly walked through exercise and examples. Online math tutors bring the textbook alive and show students exactly how to get from point a to point b.


2 – High Standards for Online Tutors


Forget the neighborhood kid who is “pretty good in Algebra”, online tutors are screened, interviewed, and trained tutoring professionals. Online tutoring companies adhere to strict standards for ultimate performance and peace of mind for the parent. Companies like TutaPoint has a team of US-based expert tutors, who are available either live, on-demand or via appointment online, and can work with the parent to tailor a package to suit an individual child’s needs for no extra charge. Along with a variety of resources available, including the High School Math Made Simple video series, this personal service aims to provide the ultimate learning experience for any child.


3 – Price Advantages of using an Online Tutor for Homeschooling


That local tutor might get away with charging $50 per hour to tutor your student at the local coffee shop, but not online! Online tutoring companies are surprisingly affordable, and offer highly competitive prices. Tutapoint can provide unlimited tutoring for only $99 a month. 


4 – Online Tutoring Allows Homeschool Parents the Ability to Get Involved


Online tutoring occurs where you want it to. At the kitchen table, at the library or in your living room. And the best part is that you can stay involved by participating in the tutoring session. Who knows, you might even pick up those lost geometry skills.


5 – Online Tutoring is Flexible


Online tutors are there to fit their schedule around the client’s homeschool math needs – a tutoring session can be scheduled for any time of the day, and tutors can work with parents to meet an individual child’s needs. 

Sound Solution – Free Offer


Online math tutoring for homeschool students is an accessible, affordable, sound solution to those tricky textbook problems, and provides a perfect solution for parents who want to take an active part in their child’s education, but aren’t calculus experts.

TutaPoint.com is offering parents of homeschooled students a free offer to try online math tutoring. Simply email [email protected] and request your free online tutoring certificate.

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