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Teacher 2014 Survey Methodology

Posted By Ryan Duques

The results from the 2014 TutaPoint Teacher Survey, which was conducted in September has generated significant interest. Education researchers have asked TutaPoint for information on how the survey was conducted, where the respondents are from and how many teachers participated.


On September 17, 2014 TutaPoint invited 5,994 teachers to participate in the survey. This database of teachers has been created and maintained by TutaPoint for the purpose of industry collaboration, surveys, etc. since 2007. High school teachers from the following States were included: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. These States were chosen due to their proximity to TutaPoint’s headquarters in New York City.


Compensation was not provided to the respondents, however teachers could voluntarily enter a drawing for a gift-card at the conclusion of the survey.


Teachers responded to the survey until September 25, 2014, when the survey was closed to additional responses.


The survey included 25 questions. Topics ranged from teacher lifestyle to thoughts on parent-teacher partnerships and the Common Core Standards.


The invitation had an initiation response rate of 10.7%. There were 89 teachers that completed the entire survey.


About the teachers: 91% reported that they have been teaching for more than 10 years. 8.9% reported that they have been teaching for 6 – 10 years. Respondents were mainly science and math teachers, with 50.5% and 37% respectfully.


Additional information on this survey is available by contacting Ryan Duques: [email protected]


For complete survey results, please see: http://www.tutapoint.com/blog/teacher-survey-results-released-2014/

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