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Survey: Teachers Asked Whether They’d Choose to Teach Again

Posted By Ryan Duques

Veteran teachers were recently asked if they would choose a teaching career again if they had the choice to do it all over again.


TutaPoint conducted the survey in September 2014. Veteran teachers from the northeast responded. For full survey results see: http://www.tutapoint.com/blog/teacher-survey-results-released-2014/


Teachers, 91% of whom had over 10 years of classroom experience, were asked: Would you decide to become a teacher again, if you knew then what you know now about the career choice.


Perhaps the good news is that just 25.8% of the respondents indicated that they would not choose a career in teaching again. Indicating they would make the same career choice was 39.3% of the respondents. A third (34.8%) of the teachers indicated that they were unsure whether they would make the same career choice.


Teachers That Say They Would Teach Again graphic

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