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Summer Math Programs: Time to Catch Up and Get Ahead of Peers

Posted By Ryan Duques

Summer might offer students a time to relax, travel and be with friends, but it can also have a negative impact on a students achievement in math, especially in high school.


TutaPoint offers a virtual summer math camp: one-on-one math instruction to review last year’s math concepts and prepare a student for next year. Our goal is simple, reinforce last years math topics and get the student well prepared for next year’s math class. 

Reviewing the math learned last year is important. According to a Report from the American Educational Research Association, achievement on test scores is negatively impacted by summer vacation. The negative impact increases with age, likely due to a students inability to regularly practice skills, like math, over summer vacation.


An effective summer math program should assess what the student has retained from their last completed math class, reinforce skills learned and then prepare the student for their next class, which ensures they enter the next year ahead of their peers, with math confidence. 

Unlike many summer math programs that group students together, TutaPoint works with students one-on-one, working with each student as an individual. This attention ensures that the summer math program is meeting the specific needs of the student.

Parents seeking to avoid the “summer slide” should consider a program that helps their child retain last years math and prepares them to enter next year ahead of their peers.

TutaPoint’s summer math program is offered online. Our instructors meet with students in our secure, classrooms at timesconvenient for our students. This is one summer math program that will not get in the way of your child’s fun summer activities.

Parents interested in setting up a summer math program for their child should contact Ryan Duques of online educaiton provider TutaPoint at [email protected] 

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