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Stop Procrastinating! Here’s How

Posted By Meredith Crawford

By Meredith Crawford


You know how it is: All week you’ve been bored silly, complaining to anyone who can hear how you’d give anything to have something to do. Well, now your wish has come true — that term paper that was assigned way back last month is due in three days, and you have a lot of work ahead of you.


But suddenly, there are hundreds of other things you’d rather be doing! Your closet could use a spring-cleaning, there’s a new video by your favorite band on YouTube, and your bookshelf isn’t going to organize itself.


Funny how we’ll do anything instead of the task at hand at times like these, isn’t it?


For those blessed – er, cursed — by the gift of procrastination, there is hope in sight. Here are ¬†two quick tips to help you shake off the dread and get to work!


Chunk It


Divide your project into parts, and plan accordingly.




“We’re really big on ‘chunking’ in my house,” explains TutaPoint tutor (and mom) Andrea Kelley. “For example, if you we know something is due in six weeks, we divide the project into six equal parts and make sure each part is completed by the end of the week.”


Turn to Technology

From programs that will block distracting sites — think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — to apps designed to guide you through a long-term project from start to completion, there’s no shortage of high-tech help for procrastinators.


The blog Edumedic has put together this helpful list of anti-procrastination tools.

And iPhone users should check out Finish, an app developed by two high schoolers, which is now available for free (you can purchase a version that includes customized features)!


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