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What Social Media Sites are High School Students Using? 2014 Report

Posted By Ryan Duques

Students are using technology to communicate, learn and entertain themselves. Which social media websites are today’s high school students using? The annual TutaPoint / Admitted.ly student survey found the following:

Is everyone on Facebook? Not quite; the survey reported that of the high school students that responded, 54% of them were on the social media giant Facebook.

TutaPoint on Facebook

Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, came in second with 45% of respondents indicating that they use the photo-sharing social media website.

And students who Tweet; just 30% of student respondents indicated that they are using the social media micro-blogging website Twitter.

This information was reported by students that took the 2014 student survey. View the full report and information at: 2014 Student Survey Report.


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