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Six Questions With…Tutor Darla Nagel

Posted By Meredith Crawford

By Meredith Crawford
Get to know your TutaPoint tutors with Six Questions With…a new series of tutor profiles.
1) When and why did you first become involved with TutaPoint?
I’ve been involved since May 2013, and I became a tutor here because when I tutored writing in college, the work was energizing, fun, and educational for me. I knew then that I wanted to work with students as a career.
2) What’s one thing you struggled with when you were a student?
I struggled with confidence in math, so I try to increase students’ confidence in their writing.
3) What was your favorite and least favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject was choir, and my least favorite was math.
4) What is your tutoring philosophy?
I make better writers, not just better writing. I focus on students’ writing process and on identifying their strengths to increase their confidence.
5) What do you do for work outside of TutaPoint?
I tutor writing at a local college and edit books.
6) What’s your hobby?

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