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Six Questions With…Joshua Daniels

Posted By Meredith Crawford

Get to know your TutaPoint tutors with Six Questions With…a new series of tutor profiles.
Introducing…Joshua Daniels
Josh Daniels
1) When and why did you first become involved with TutaPoint?
I worked as a peer tutor at my high school and I wanted a similar job during my college years. Since the tutoring positions were full at my college when I applied, I searched the internet for other ways to apply my skills. That is how I found Tutapoint.
2) What was one thing you struggled with when you were a student?
In high school, I did well, but in my first semester of college, it was challenging to meet the specific requirements of each class. There were many times in college when I knew what was being reviewed in class, but I was unsure how to apply that knowledge. I have come to realize that learning one concept at a time is helpful, but it is also valuable to learn how certain concepts are connected. As a tutor, what I have learned from my academic challenges is that each student has a different learning method. Letting a student start out a problem alone helps me understand his/her abilities and the details of the task. This helps me guide the student towards his/her goals.
3) What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?
My favorite subject was Spanish. Even now, I enjoy manipulating grammar rules, practicing my pronunciation, and reading various novels. My least favorite subject was history. I enjoy reading in general, but reciting a considerable amount of facts in a fast-paced academic setting was unappealing to me. I liked history, but I liked all of my other school subjects more.
4) What’s your tutoring philosophy?
I believe that any student can learn with enough effort and support. I’ve heard many students unwilling to learn a school subject because they are told — mainly by their peers — that it is difficult or strange. Once students understand that they already know a valuable amount of material,  they realize that learning a challenging subject is more manageable than what they first thought. As a tutor, I strive to help students appreciate what they have already learned and to guide them toward their goals.
5) What do you do for work outside of TutaPoint?
I’m a full-time college student working with TutaPoint. And though the two affairs are separate, TutaPoint has helped me appreciate diverse learning viewpoints. I oftentimes find myself thinking like the student to help him/her understand a concept from a different point of view. This way of thinking, when applied in my college classrooms, helps me understand my classmates and my professors more completely.
6) What’s your hobby or passion?
I enjoy music. I listen to music on the radio, I play music on my guitar and piano, and I study music theory  daily. My favorite thing to do on my weekends is playing my guitar.

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