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Should you Take an SAT Prep Course or Get Private Tutoring?

Posted By Ryan Duques

Navigating through SAT Prep options can feel almost as overwhelming as the exam itself. After-school classes, big name prep courses and private tutors are probably on your list to evaluate. Which option will ensure the highest score? Which is the best prep option for my child?


While cost may be one of the factors weighing your decision, other factors should be the most effective learning environment, expertise of the instructor, track record and how much hands-on exposure and attention will your child receive?

SAT Prep Courses provide an opportunity for a student to learn in an environment they are accustom to: a classroom. By learning side-by-side with other students preparing to take the exam, a student is able to gauge how well they are preparing versus their peers. A little peer pressure never hurt. Additionally, many preparatory classes are taught be seasoned professionals, who have helped many students prepare for the exam and can provide unique and up-to-date insight into the exam.

Alternatively many students and their parents choose to work with a private SAT tutor to receive one-on-one test prep instruction. This is an excellent option for a student that needs one-on-one, exclusive instruction. Additionally, if you find the right tutor (and are willing to pay upwards of $200 per hour), your child might be treated to some advanced strategies and methods to achieve a high score on the exam.


Best of Both Worlds: SAT Prep Course that Includes Private SAT Tutoring

At TutaPoint, we’ve listened to our students and parents describe the advantages and downsides of both the Prep Classes and Private Tutoring. Both the class and one-on-one tutoring provide an important element when preparing for the test, so we designed a program that includes both.


First, all students take one of our expert instructed SAT Prep Courses, either our 5-Week SAT Prep Course or the One-Day condensed course. After completing one of these live, interactive online prep classes, students take a complete practice exam. Results from the practice exam are formulated into a comprehensive diagnostic report. Finally, our students receive two hours of private one-on-one tutoring with one of our experienced tutors. 


This approach combines a full SAT course with private, one-on-one tutoring using a specific student analysis to determine where the student is experiencing weakness on the practice exam. The private tutors don’t need to waste time determining where the student is strong and where they are proficient; by looking at the student’s post-course diagnostic report, the tutor knows exactly where to concentrate their effort, ensuring an efficient and effective tutoring session. 

Most SAT Prep services do not offer the post-course diagnostic report and private tutoring as part of their plan. However, at TutaPoint, we feel this is the most important element of our test prep program. In fact, TutaPoint does not offer any Prep program that does not include a diagnostic report and private tutoring as part of the process.

Parents might be concerned that the program including both the prep course and private tutoring might be expensive; no worries, it is actually quite affordable. TutaPoint’s one-day prep class and private tutoring package is only $189, and the 5-week course is just $389. (Prices listed for Fall 2012).

Learn more about TutaPoint’s SAT program by clicking here or by calling (800) 390-2370 x 703

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