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Should Teachers Assign Homework on Weekends: New Teacher Tips

Posted By Ryan Duques

New Teacher Survival Guide Series Installment Three TutaPoint’s New Teacher Survival Guide series is produced to help teachers new to the classroom navigate their first few months on the job.


A teacher’s first year is often the most challenging. Learning how to manage a classroom, design lesson plans that work for students, cooperate with faculty and administrators, and manage the time to perform all of these tasks and more is difficult for entering teachers. This new teacher guide offers tips for new teachers and strategies for new teachers to help your first year be successful in seven critical areas.


New Teacher Tip: Should You Assign Homework on the Weekends?

There is growing push-back from students, parents, and even school administrators about homework assigned over weekends. In fact, Galloway Township School District in New Jersey has banned it for K-6, and WalterPayton High School banned homework over Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks, as did Ridgewood High School in New Jersey.


The rationale is that kids receive too much homework and should be enabled to “enjoy their childhood”. Whether or not you agree, growing numbers of school districts are jumping on board – without research to back up whether this is beneficial or harmful to students in the long run. Before assigning weekend or over-break assignments, check your school’s policy and ask other teachers what the norm is. Even if the administration does not have a policy against break-time homework, if other teachers do not assign homework over these periods as a practice, you will hear about breaking from the norm sooner or later.


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