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SAT Prep One-Day Course: A Parent’s Review

Posted By Ryan Duques

Preparing for the SAT test can be a challenging experience. TutaPoint’s experienced SAT instructors have helped thousands of students prepare for the exam. At TutaPoint we provide students with a comprehensive one-day preparation system that includes: 4 hour, interactive class, diagnostic report, 2 hours of private SAT tutoring and all of the books and materials.


Here is a review and recommendation from a parent of a student that recently took TutaPoint’s online one-day SAT Prep Course:

Dear TutaPoint SAT Prep:

My son has maintained a 3.5 GPA through high school, however he has always struggles with tests. The SAT was really intimidating to him, so having only one more shot at it on the May 5th test I looked high and low for some sort of tutoring for him.  Your crash course was above and beyond anything else offered, I only wish I would have found it earlier on his other attempts. We are looking forward to a better scoring on this test and it was largely due to your course and the follow up two extra hours one on one. Good luck securing future customers and try to ramp up the search engine optimization so it is easier to find you.



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