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Planning Your College Campus Visit

Posted By Meredith Crawford

By Meredith Crawford

It’s hard to believe, but the springtime thaw is just around the corner— and with it, the perfect time of year to plan those critical college visits!


But when you consider how valuable visiting a college in person can be to the decision-making process, it can all seem more daunting than arranging a five-star vacation.


Fear not—college admissions professionals offer some commonsense tips to make your recon mission smooth and enjoyable.


 Get Organized

First thing’s first. Make an appointment with the school’s admissions office, advises the West Haven High School Counseling Department.


Apps like Admitted.ly allow you to organize and efficiently plan the logistics for a college planning tour.


Marcia Myhre of College Bound of Guilford, LLC, arms students with a checklist featuring sections for them to fill out before and after the visit. Before their visit, students should note the address of the school (both web and physical), phone number, times of any information sessions, and the name of their interviewer, if they’ll be completing an interview.

Marcia Myhre

Marcia Myhre

And don’t forget to take photos while on your tour! You can refer back to them when it all seems like a blur.


The West Haven High School Counseling Department also suggests you bring along hard copies of your unofficial transcript.


Compare and Contrast


Remember that checklist Myhre loves? Well after each visit, she has students fill in their impressions of the school while they’re still fresh in their minds.


Among the topics she asks them to consider:

  • “What were your initial impressions of the campus and surrounding town/city?”
  • “What did you like best about the school?”
  • “What did you like least about the school?”
  • “Name some social/extracurricular activities that appealed to you.”
  • “Describe the campus facilities and dorms.”
  • “What was the most memorable aspect of your visit?”


West Haven High’s counselors also suggest that you make a pro and con list for each school you visit. Here are some areas they think you should carefully consider:

  • “Does the campus seem peaceful? Is it overly isolated? Is it active enough, or too busy? Does it appear safe? How does it ‘feel’ to you?”
  • “Check the libraries and other research facilities. Are they well-stocked? Is the staff helpful?”
  • “What opportunities exist in your intended field of study? What are the requirements for a degree?


Don’t Forget to Test the Waters


Think you’ll major in philosophy? Sit in on a class. Interested in Greek life? Check out the list of activities offered by fraternities and sororities, says the West Haven High School Counseling Department. These small steps can yield big returns when it comes to making your final decision.


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