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Posted By Meredith Crawford

By Meredith Crawford


So, you’ve committed to online tutoring, you’ve scheduled a session with an experienced tutor, and you’re probably wondering…will it work?


What if I told you that not only will you have success with online tutoring, but it could also mean the difference between a failing grade and an A?


It might seem hard to believe, but that was the exact scenario TutaPoint tutor Sarah Wanger describes having had with one of her students.


Tutor Sarah Wanger at TutaPoint



“One of my students…got an A in his pre-calculus class. This was his second time taking the course, as he failed it completely the first time. So this was a big accomplishment for him. We worked together approximately five or six hours a week to get him there.”
And that’s just one person’s success story. Head over to TutaPoint.com and you’ll find countless testimonials praising its tutors. Here’s a sampling:


Of Christopher Gunlock, one student wrote: “He really helped me gain a better understading of correlation and regression concepts…Being able to talk through solutions with him really helped me gain a much better grasp of the subject matter. He helped me gain confidence in myself.”




Of Brooke Scheidemantle: “She was great! Cleared up the confusion my teacher gave me.”





Another student said of Demetrios Theopohils: “Helped me learn what my teachers couldn’t teach.”


Jason L. also got a glowing review: “I walked away with a new knowledge and now I know enough about my topic to explain it. And that was only from one session.”



One student called Kimberly Nentwich a “fantastic tutor that…made previously difficult subject matter look easy.”





Read more success stories – and find the right tutor for you – at TutaPoint.com.


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