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Math Tutoring Leads to Academic Success – Scholarship Winner Announced

Posted By Ryan Duques

TutaPoint Education’s inaugural Scholarship Essay Contest attracted over one dozen entrants. Each entrants submitted an essay that described how online tutoring helped them to academic success this school year.


The winning essay was written by Shayma M,  a high school student at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. Her essay is below.


My personal mantra goes a bit like this, “Do good.” Yeah, it’s short and not very detailed, but it sums up my entire personal view of what I should do to achieve academic success. And I usually did well in school, in fact, I did great! But then I hit high school….and everything went wrong. 


Math, defined as a study of numbers, was suddenly more about x’s and y’s than about 1s and 2s, English was suddenly not about reading fun stories anymore, but about dissecting the social and symbolic significance of what our main character ate for breakfast. So instead of doing well, I did ‘okay’ and Shayma Musa does not do ‘okay’. 


It was around this time that my teachers suggested Tutapoint to me. I was a little apprehensive at first, despite the fact that I attend an online school , I’d never been tutored online and I didn’t think that I would be able to grasp concepts from tutors who taught by computer. I was very wrong. 


The tutors I had the good fortune to study with were not only helpful in clarifying my homework confusion, but also in getting me acquainted with all the new technology and the classroom structure. In math, I went from not understanding standard deviation and sample proportions to mastering them and acing my teacher’s chapter exam. I was chosen to participate in a math peer tutoring program at my school this year, simply because of my math skills. 


In English, analysis of text suddenly became second nature and I received two A’s on five-page analysis essays of entire texts. I’m now in an AP English Literature course. I now have so much more confidence in Mathematics and English, and I know that High School level course work will never baffle me again because I have Tutapoint.


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