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Khan Academy Videos Reinforce Learning Concepts at TutaPoint

Posted By Ryan Duques

We recently saw Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas. He amazed a crowd of thousands as he explained his relatively simple solution to a complex problem: create video explanations to simple and complex learning concepts.


At TutaPoint, Khan Academy has been a partner for several years, delivering our students relevant reinforcement activities after live tutoring sessions. These “success tasks” are delivered to students via email and available on their student home screen.


While simple in concept, the technology to deliver these reinforcement activities, which also include learning materials from the Concord Consortium¬†and TutaPoint’s own library, is rather complex. At the completion of each tutoring, academic help or test preparation session, instructors are prompted to list the concepts presented and an algorithm runs against the latest content available, returning several curated reinforcement activities. These activities are short, usually less than three minutes, and are extremely relevant, reinforcing the specific concepts that were taught during the session.


Khan’s video (below) is an excellent reminder that “everyone starts at zero”. “Nobody is good at anything at first. There was a time that Einstein couldn’t count to ten and Shakespeare had to learn his ABCs like the rest of us.”


TutaPoint believes that most learners achieve success when being taught by a live person. At TutaPoint, all academic tutoring sessions are taught in the most advanced online classroom with an experienced US based instructor. After each session, students, their parents and teachers receive a list of goals established, concepts covered and list of reinforcement activities, including those from Khan Academy.


TutaPoint’s services are offered directly to students at an affordable price as well as through school district partners.


Khan Academy’s You Can Learn Anything Video

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