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How to Choose a Online Teacher

Posted By Ryan Duques

Choosing a tutor especially online who is knowledgeable and a good match to a student’s weaknesses or educational needs is extremely important.   When choosing such a tutor, be sure to choose an online tutoring service that provides you with each tutor’s credentials and qualifications – even better are services that allow you to see a tutor’s bio.


Is a Tutor Qualified?

To help a student to succeed academically, a tutor must be properly qualified. An organization like TutaPoint requires tutors to have a lengthy resume that includes previous work in tutoring and working with children.  Be sure that the tutoring service has validated the resumes and experience that the tutor attests to. Tutors working for TutaPoint are required to participate in regular training seminars in order to keep up to date on the latest teaching methods and information.


According to a Director of Guidance Counselors in a Connecticut school system, most parents rely on the student’s guidance counselor for an online recommendation yet parents should be diligent about researching the sites.  This is especially important with respect to internet safety and protecting children against any possible predators.  It is important for parents to be sure that background and criminal checks are done by the tutoring service.  TutaPoint will not hire a tutor with a criminal record. This helps to insure a safe and comfortable learning environment.

What is the Student to Tutor Ratio?

Something else to consider when looking for a online teacher is the ratio of students to tutors. Tutapoint tutors are always working one-on-one with each student in order to individually meet the student’s needs. One-on-one tutoring is very effective because it allows students to receive the full attention of a tutor, which creates the most beneficial environment for all students to receive fluid individual instruction based on their specific learning style.

What Else Does the Tutoring Company Offer Students?

In addition to tutoring sessions, researching what other services an online tutoring website offers the student is a good idea. TutaPoint offers students additional resources to reinforce learning and to enhance their tutoring experience. TutaPoint provides students with interactive lessons that include videos, worksheets, and eBooks after they have completed their session in order to reinforce concepts that they reviewed.

Does the Tutoring Company Measure Student Achievement?

Measurable academic success is often the goal for students when they sign up for online tutoring. TutaPoint measures a student’s progress after each session. After the completion of a tutoring session, the student’s tutor fills out a comprehensive report, which measures the student’s performance, identifies goals that were set, and suggests resources for the student to review that reinforces the concepts that were learned during the session. This is a critical step to ensure each session provides a measurable goal.

There are many options available for these services. To best help the student, parents should take the time to get the best service available. TutaPoint’s comprehensive approach to online tutoring ensures student success; tutors with strong credentials and experience, a strong learning environment including one-to-one tutoring, additional resources, and quantitative measurements of achievement, and background/criminal checks for the safety of the student.

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