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From Common Core to Common Thief: In-Home Tutor Steals Valuables from L.I. Home

Posted By Ryan Duques

While her students were likely reflecting on the evening’s homework assignments, it seems 36-year-old special education tutor Bonni Blier was allegedly intent instead on casing their homes for valuables.

In-Home Tutor Bonni Blier
In-Home tutor Bonnie Blier is
accused of stealing valuables
from her student's homes.
Photo Courtesy of Suffolk
County Police.


On Feb. 11, according to Newsday and several other media outlets, Blier, of Ronkonkoma, New York, was arrested by Suffolk County Police and “charged with stealing jewelry from several homes where she tutored students.”


While in-person tutoring has historically been popular, this incident highlights possible safety and security concerns.

But what if these students had been able to enjoy the benefits of tutoring in the comfort of their own home–without having to lock up their valuables?


Enter technology: With live, one-on-one tutoring from online tutoring firms like TutaPoint, Tutor.com and InstaEdu, a situation like this one on Long Island could be avoided.


Online tutoring provider TutaPoint takes education and safety seriously. Before a tutor is invited to be a part of the online tutoring provider’s community a background check and review process is conducted. While not all security and safety methods at TutaPoint are disclosed to the public, CEO Ryan Duques said that additional methods of quality control include the routine monitoring and review of sessions by the administrative web team, adding that all sessions are recorded for student use and to ensure safety.


While research indicates that online tutoring is replacing in-person tutoring in many cases, it currently only represents about 10% of tutoring sessions in the United States. But online tutoring providers are quick to point out that the number of students moving online for their math tutoring is huge, and it isn't just because of the safety and security advantages that online tutoring provides.  


"Services like TutaPoint provide the ability to systematically track a student's strengths and weaknesses in specific concept areas, reporting abilities in real-time to our tutors and to a student's parents and teachers. Online tutoring allows an experienced tutor to have the most efficient and effective session with a student, resulting in greater student concept mastery and higher classroom grades", said Duques, adding "in most cases, online tutoring is more efficient, resulting in lower rates to students and parents for a higher caliber educational experience."

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