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Does My Child Need Tutoring? Online Tutoring Might Offer Answers

Posted By Ryan Duques

Are your child’s grades slipping?  Does the material in class seem overwhelming?  Do you want to refresh your math skills?  Frustrated?  Professional online tutoring may be the answer.  Tutoring is an invaluable, personal approach to helping students master disciplines necessary for success:  effective study habits, strengthening critical thinking skillsreinforcing academic skills and improving comprehension of material.

Parents that play an active role in their child’s education see the signs of a struggling student.  Jim Black, the Director of Academic Achievement at Susquehanna University, says, “It is important to anticipate as soon as possible when a student may need a tutor.  If a student feels overwhelmed as soon as they start a class, they should seek out help immediately and look at what is available to them.”


Some Signs That a Student May Need an Online Tutor Are:

§  Poor or failing grades in classes like math or science

§  Lost confidence in a specific subject that causes the student to doubt their ability

§  Failure to complete assignments and homework on time and do not take responsibility for it

§  Lost interest in their education

§  To prepare for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT

§  When a student is not being challenged in the classroom

§  To get ahead, be first in the class!

One of the misconceptions that surrounds tutoring is that tutoring is only for students who are struggling in school and need extra help. Tutoring, in fact, can be very helpful to students that excel in the classroom.  Students should always feel challenged in school, which encourages them to reach their full potential.  When a student is not being challenged in a course, it is important to look into tutoring services to keep the student passionate about education and learning.


One subject that Jim Black believes that every student and professional can always improve on is writing. “Writing is a subject that everyone could use a tutor in.  Even some of the best writers constantly need to practice to improve and build up their skills.  A tutor provides students with expertise and someone to look after them when they learn.”

Better grades, increased confidence and higher self-esteem are interdependent and all a result of good tutoring.  Tutoring is a great way for students to receive one-on- one attention in order to perform at their optimum level. TutaPoint.com provides students with an affordable and reliable tutoring service ensuring academic success and self-assurance.  TutaPoint.com offers knowledgeable online tutors in math, science and foreign language, who are dedicated to helping each and every student achieve.

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