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Algebra Help Now: 5 Online Resource

Posted By Ryan Duques

Looking for Algebra Help? The internet offers a robust . By providing videos, worksheets and practice study guides, these sites are very useful aids to the students.  The sites below range from sites like the Khan Academy where a student could learn purely online, to sources that reinforce school learned concepts, to a site that provides games to see that math is fun!


Try these Resources:


1. Khan Academy 

“The Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We’re a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.”  The Khan Academy is a website that brings Algebra to the computer screen.  It is an interactive program that has an abundance of videos for the various concepts, as well as practice exercises and assessments.  The program allows for students to set their own pace to learning and have real time measurements of their learning.

2. Regents Prep – Oswego City School District

This is a website of a school district in New York.  It has an abundance of mini lessons and practice exercises.  You’ll get immediate feedback on your progress.  The website’s goal is to assist students with the Regents Exam that New York students must take.  The Prep Center also includes interactive Algebra gamesstudy tips, and practice tests for students.  It is a great resource for students looking for extra review and practice in specific sections.


3. Kuta Software  

Although Kutasoftware.com is geared towards teachers, it can also be a very helpful resource for students.  This website has copious amounts of free worksheets for extra practice in Algebra. Kuta software is a great resource for students who may be preparing for a test and need extra practice problems.  


4. Math.com

Another helpful resource that students could use is math.com.  Like many of the other Algebra resources, this website provides students with interactive lessons that review specific concepts.  These lessons include practice problems and allow students to check their answers  after they have completed the problem.  This website also includes brain training games, worksheets and study tips for math students.


5. Online Tutoring – TutaPoint.com

We would be crazy if we didn’t mention the power of live, one-on-one instruction for Algebra. TutaPoint offers online Algebra tutoring at affordable prices. Students choose their tutor based on tutor bios and photos. All of TutaPoint’s tutors are vetted to ensure they are experienced. Additionally, all TutaPoint online tutors are based the U.S. and pass a criminal background check.

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