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Advantages of Using an Online Tutor

Posted By Ryan Duques

Concerns about online safety are valid. Every parent wants to ensure that his or her child is safe and their privacy protected.

Consider what online tutoring company TutaPoint.com is doing to ensure student safety: 

§  Each and every tutoring candidate must go through a complete criminal background check. Those with criminal records are not engaged. No exceptions.

§  Prior to being accepted, each tutor goes through a rigorous resume screening process

§  Only tutoring candidates with significant experience helping students are considered. TutaPoint only uses experienced tutoring professionals.

§  TutaPoint.com uses only tutors based in the United States.

§  Tutors attend virtual in-service seminars to keep up on the latest teaching trends

§  Each tutoring session is recorded. This allows our professional team to review and critique tutor performance.

§  Sessions are routinely monitored by TutaPoint staff to ensure student satisfaction and safety

§  Students take a survey after each session rating a tutors performance

Online tutoring providers like TutaPoint.com integrate safety as part of their overall commitment to achieving student satisfaction and academic success. 

TutaPoint.com only works with the best tutors from all over the United States to make sure your child receives the most effective learning experience. The best tutors are often professionals in the field of education, so we’ve partnered with certified teachers, retired teachers, teaching assistants, professors at colleges and universities, and others who meet our high standards and settle only for excellence. TutaPoint.com’s exclusive Quality Verification Program ensures a superior tutoring professional will provide your son or daughter with an effective learning experience.

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