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Posted By Meredith Crawford

By Meredith Crawford
Get to know your TutaPoint tutors with Six Questions With…a new series of tutor profiles.
Introducing…Brena Adams.








1) When did you first become involved with TutaPoint?
 I have been a professional tutor for seven years, so when I discovered TutaPoint a little over a year ago, I was intrigued by the online format and the ability to tutor students across the country.
2) What was one thing you struggled with when you were a student? Does this give you a better perspective when it comes to helping the students you tutor?
In school, I resented anything that felt like busy work.  Some students thrive on repetition to internalize concepts, while others appreciate it when I point out the interesting nuances of an assignment or concept.
3) What was your favorite and least favorite subject in school?

I loved math and art…and any science class…and most of my English classes.  History was my sticky subject because I felt like history is too vast and I didn’t always agree with the talking points chosen by the curriculum authors.  I still don’t feel like a history buff, but I appreciate learning new tidbits of history.

4) What’s your tutoring philosophy?
 Learning is most effective when there is dialogue between the student and the instructor.  That dialogue is much more dynamic and effective in a one-on-one or small group scenario than in a lecture/homework scenario.  I can adapt my explanations and come up with new ones if I get to hear questions.  I love questions.


5) What do you do for work outside of TutaPoint?
 I also am an instructor through the Veterans Upward Bound program at Metropolitan State University – Denver, where I help veterans prepare for the modern college experience.  I teach an English class and a science class.
6) What are your hobbies or passions?
 Art is my main passion, ranging from pen and ink to ceramics to textile work.  I love learning art techniques and media.  I do love a good book and climbing trees, too.

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