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5 Things You Must Know to Start an Online High School

Posted By Ryan Duques

You’re a savvy educator with an entrepreneurial itch. You’ve got an idea for an online high school, but you are just not sure where to start. Here are five things you must know if you want to start an online high school:

1. Not all states require private schools to be licensed

It’s true. Only some states require private schools to be licensed. If your online school is based in Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Wyoming you must be licensed. Otherwise there is no requirement that your school be licensed. 

2. You do not need to write your own curriculum

Developing a comprehensive high school curriculum for your new online school can be daunting. And, as it turns out, is completely unnecessary. There are plenty of resources to purchase or leverage approved high school curriculum. By tailoring existing curriculum to meet your school’s needs you will take advantage of some best practices and save a bunch of time. 

3. Accreditation is optional

Your online high school does not need to be accredited. While there are many advantages to becoming an accredited high school, your new school won’t likely qualify until you are up and running. Advantages to becoming accredited include ability to apply for grants and funding, marketing designation and ability for your high school students to transfer credits to another school. 

4. A niche will help your school stand out

One advantage that a new online high school has is its ability to provide a unique experience for students. Whether your school offers a specialty curriculum, unique faculty or has an exclusive partnership, you can use it to help your school stand out. Decide what your school will be known for, and plan your curriculum, staffing and marketing around it.

5. Your staff might be your secret sauce

No matter how unique your niche, advanced your technology or well-constructed your curriculum, at the end of the day it all comes down to your faculty. Finding and developing a teaching staff that will carry out your vision is essential to the success of your online high school. 

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