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30% of Learning Should Happen Outside School, say Teachers

Posted By Ryan Duques

According to a recent survey of veteran teachers, most respondents say that high school students should be learning at least 30% outside of school.


how much learning should be done outsie of school



The majority of teachers (61.7%) responding to the survey, which was conducted in September, 2014 indicated that 70% of learning should be occurring at school and 30% should be at home.


Many fewer (15.6%) believed that at least 50% of learning should be happening at home. And 22.4% believed that 90% of all learning should be happening at school.


Of the teachers that responded, 91% have been teaching for more than 10 years. View the complete survey results at: http://www.tutapoint.com/blog/teacher-survey-results-released-2014/

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