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Complete Student Data from 2014 TutaPoint / Admitted.ly High School Survey

Posted By Ryan Duques

Each fall TutaPoint survey’s high school students from around the United States to determine what is important to them, what technology tools they are using both inside and outside the classroom, and what their perception on various learning trends.


The 2014 student survey, which was co-produced by our colleagues at Admitted.ly, resulted in both some expected results… and a few surprises.


First, let’s describe how we conduct this voluntary survey. Each fall we send out over 10,000 invitations to participate to active high school students as well as post invitations on social media. Response rates are random and are approximately 2%. This year’s survey was conducted between September 3 and September 12, 2014.


The 2014 TutaPoint / Admitted.ly Student Survey Results:

  • Students are most excited to study Science
  • Students are least excited to study Computer Science
  • Students are most excited to study History and Social Studies (17%) than they are Music and Art (13%)
  • Most students (69%) believe that summer vacation is disputing their learning and that they lose some of the information they learned.
  • What is causing students the most amount of stress this year? ┬áIt’s a tie: Math Homework and Preparing for the SAT test
  • Of students that plan to take either the SAT or ACT, most plan to take both
  • What causes students the least amount of stress? Their friends
  • While only 15% of students believe that a tutor won’t help them achieve better grades this year, only 29% of students plan to use one
  • Most students (68%) are now turning in their assignments electronically (either email or via the web)
  • Only 30% of students reported that chalk was being used in their classroom
  • Only 32% of students reported that their teachers use an “overhead projector”
  • Less than half (48%) report that their classroom uses a DVD player
  • Most students (54%) are using Facebook
  • Second to Facebook is Instagram, with 45% of students using the Social Networking site (which is also owned by Facebook)
  • 30% of students reported that they use Twitter
  • Some students (14%) reported that they are not allowed to use Social Media websites
  • Slightly more (20%) of students report that they choose not to use Social Media websites
  • Most students (54%) report that their primary device to access the internet is a laptop computer
  • Slightly more than 31% of students report that their primary device for accessing the internet is their smartphone
  • Android and iPhone are evenly split: 31% of students each report using one or the other
  • Just 2% of students report using a Windows smartphone
  • Less than 1% of students report having a Blackberry
  • Over 60% of students report that smartphones are allowed in the classroom at their school
  • Almost 25% of students report that sports take up the majority of their time outside of school
  • Both having a job and spending time on social media tied for 9% of students that reported those activities are their #1 time consumer outside of school
  • Taking care of a family member was 7% of our students #1 activity outside of school.
  • Slightly more (51%) of the respondents had taken an online class
  • Online vs. in school? 63% of students said that they would rather take one of their classes online instead of at school

For more information contact Ryan Duques at [email protected] or (203) 779-0331

Of note: More females responded to this survey than males. Where did students responded from: 42% suburban, 34% urban, 12% rural. Most respondents (60%) are either in their junior or senior year of high school. Most respondents (86%) plan on attending a 4 year college or university. While no compensation was provided to respondents, they did know that by responding they would be entered to win a gift card.







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