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11 "Must Have" Android Apps for the K12 Classroom

Posted By Ryan Duques

The education application (aka “app”) marketplace is exploding with fun and effective tools for learning. These powerful new tools can be deployed on an Android powered smartphone or tablet device, including the new Amazon Fire tablet.


We’ve put together a list of apps that you should consider using in the classroom to enhance your curriculum. These apps can help to expand a student’s memory, increase knowledge, and they are fun! 


1. Kindle for Android


The Kindle app for Android lets you download countless classic works by the great authors from every genre. This app is also unique in that it is completely free to the public. Due to the popularity of this app and it’s ability to bring a massive library into the palm of your hand, I rate this the best app of the top education apps for Android phones.


2. Celeste


Celeste SE combines incredible 3D graphics of the heavenly bodies with fun facts about astronomy. Aim your device’s camera at the sky and see exactly where each object is located, day or night, and even indoors. See the planets as they traverse the sky, and track an individual object’s trajectory using your camera view. Now that’s one cool app. 


3. Wikipedia


Wikipedia offers a vast, ever updating fountain of knowledge.  Its app brings the wikipedia’s endless collection of information to your fingertips in a very convenient interface. This is currently the highest-rated encyclopedia app in the Android Market.


4. Algebra Tutor


While nothing can replace a live tutor (like those that TutaPoint.com offers with its Live Tutoring appAlgebra Tutor is one of the highest-recommended math apps on the Market today. It gives step-by-step algebra instruction and even shows a student where errors have been made. Perfect for current students studying algebra, and even for older Android users looking to brush up on their algebra skills. 


5. Flash Card Maker Pro


This is a great app for students and their parents when helping them study. Flash Card Maker Pro, allows you to make your own study cards to use. It uses a speech recognition tool for memory building and fast data retention. 


6. CueBrain


CueBrain offers language instruction for a variety of different languages using interactive flash cards. Time yourself, keep track of your progress, and even quiz yourself.


7. MapMaster


MapMaster is the dream app for any geography fanatic! This is a game that tests your knowledge of commonly known or famous places and capitals all around the world. You can also compete in educational contests against up to 10 friends on the same dev MapMaster ice at any given time.


8. Sight Read Music Quiz 4 Piano


Reading music is unfortunately becoming a dying trade. . Stay ahead of the curve with this simple and enjoyable music reading app that helps you to refine your music theory and piano sight reading skills in a fun and effective way. 


9. Memory Trainer


Memory Trainer has been called the “Gold’s Gym for your memory muscles.” This app uses mental exercises to improve your memory abilities. The app specifically targets the user’s spatial memory, which is responsible for recording information about your environment. An example of spacial memory is when you are navigating a city or building. 


10. Capitol Quiz


Capitol Quiz tests your knowledge of different countries around the world. These country’s capitals, flags, and currencies are specifically involved. You can also challenge your friends to these games.


11. Live USA Tutoring 


Finally, we wanted to introduce to TutaPoint.com’s Live USA Tutoring app, which connects students to a live tutor based in the United States. Now a student can receive the help they need to succeed in the classroom anywhere they have their Android device!

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