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Welcome to At-Home Tutoring Services®:
Where Excellence Meets Education

Our Core Values:

Excellence: At At-Home Tutoring Services®, we believe in excellence as the cornerstone of our mission. We’re dedicated to delivering top-tier educational sessions, attracting and retaining the finest educators, and providing unparalleled office services that support both our students and our team.

Service: Service is our passion. We go above and beyond, providing responsive, solution-oriented assistance to our students, tutors, community, and colleagues alike.

Optimism: Every task, assignment, phone call, and email is approached with a spirit of optimism. We firmly believe that no obstacle is insurmountable when we face it with a cheerful attitude.

Innovation: Innovation fuels our progress. We continuously refine our processes to offer the best user and tutor experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure our clients and educators achieve the highest academic outcomes.

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Elevating Academic Performance One Session at a Time

Our mission is to elevate students’ academic performances, one tutoring session at a time. We achieve this by harnessing the expertise of our exceptional educators, embracing innovative technology, and upholding rigorous standards of service and customer focus. At At-Home Tutoring Services®, we provide a personalized approach to help our students reach their educational goals.

Our Vision:

A Premier International Educational Partner

Our vision is to become a premier educational and test preparation services company on a global scale. We aim to unite the strengths of At-Home Tutoring Services® and TutaPoint, offering in-person and online tutoring services in numerous metropolitan areas across the United States and beyond. Our commitment to integrating innovative technology will enhance our academic, test preparation, and college admissions offerings. Our ongoing dedication to acquiring top-notch educators and prioritizing exceptional customer responsiveness sets us apart as a trusted partner in your educational journey. We’re more than just another technology company; we’re your path to success.

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