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Online Tutoring and instruction for you in math science, language arts, social studies, world language and more!

We are ready to help you elevate your performance in school!

How Does it Work?

First: Activate your account for free at the following link:
Second: You will use our simple sign-in process to request a session with a tutor skilled in your requested academic subject. It is just one click of the mouse! You may schedule a session or request instant help. Sessions are held in our online classroom, complete with video, a virtual chalk board and chat screen.
Third: Wait for the session to be accepted and learn, learn, learn!
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Why Tutapoint?

At, we think you should have fast, reliable access to tutor professionals whenever you need them, even if it's right after school or long after dinnertime.

Since 2007, has provided award-winning, online tutoring in all academic subjects. To accommodate the many needs of today's student, we are proud to offer private, live, one-on-one virtual tutoring on your schedule, from the comfort of your own home or school.

In addition to's tutoring services, we also provide exceptional supplemental education materials, like books and videos. Check out our Resource Center

Scheduled sessions must be at least one hour minimum in duration. Sessions will be billed in 15-minute increments after one hour.

To connect with a tutor, a student must have a high-speed Internet connection and a parent's permission to contact a tutor. Tutoring sessions occur in our real-time virtual classrooms.

Expert, Screened Tutors

The most important component of a successful tutoring sessions is how effectively a tutor can deliver information to you. works with professionals from all over the United States, including certified and now-retired teachers, college professors, graduate students and many others who are passionate about teaching one or more of our subject areas. We strive to hire tutors with a variety of styles, experience and education to give you a robust list of options from which to choose.

We take your education seriously. Our staff screens every tutor to ensure we enlist the most reliable, hard-working educators possible. Our prospective tutors undergo a rigorous application process to ensure we have a roster of highly-skilled and effective professionals.  As an additional method of quality control, our administrative team routinely monitors recorded tutoring sessions.


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