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I am currently an alumnus of Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, where I joined an honors society named Phi Theta Kappa and took a variety of math and science courses from multivariate calculus and ordinary differential equations to electrophysics and organic chemistry. I have had a handful of inspiring teachers help me throughout my academic career, and it would thrill me to be able to help another student in the same way. I believe that every person has the potential to learn any subject with enough perseverance and a supportive approach.

Joshua's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra
Science Chemistry, Physics
World Languages Spanish
Language Arts English I, English II, English III, English IV / Advanced Placement
Specialized Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
Computer Coding Introduction to Computer Coding, Introduction to HTML / Web Page Design
Education level University Graduated Major
Associates Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College Graduated Associate in Science
Bachelors North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Graduated Computer Engineering
Joshua's Testimonials
Course Date Testimonial
Algebra 2 02-02-2017 He really helped me understand what I was doing wrong, and I\'m now sure I will be able to pass Algebra thanks to his help.
Geometry 02-02-2017 Fantastic Tutor. Best one I\'ve had in a long time!
Geometry 02-01-2017 He explained everything so well!
Precalculus 02-01-2017 Great Tutor!!:) Very patient and explains very well :)
Chemistry 01-30-2017 One of the nicest, most patient tutor ever... 10/10 would recommend this tutor to anyone with problems within his teaching subjects.
Algebra 1 01-25-2017 He explained things so well! I really enjoyed working with him and will go to him in the future. He was one of the best tutors I have ever had. I can\'t thank him enough for all the help he gave me!!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-24-2017 Very nice job!!!
Algebra 2 10-14-2016 Best Tutor IN THE WOOOOOORLD!
Algebra 2 10-07-2016 Amazing tutor! So nice and patient and will help you in every way possible!
Algebra 2 09-30-2016 Joshua is the most sensation, amazing, greatest tutor you can ever have! He\'s so patient, will answer every question you have, and will somehow, no matter what, make time for you! He is so polite and amazing! If you need a tutor, he is the one. His username says it all. Go2Guy. Lol, I\'m good! :D :)
Spanish 09-30-2016 Very informative and helpful. Has a sense of humor to help offset the normal awkward silence that normally sets in.
Algebra 1 05-25-2016 Helped me so much! Sensational!
Algebra 1 05-16-2016 Great tutor!
Algebra 1 05-15-2016 Amazing tutor! He even helped me find a button on a calculator I didn\'t know I had! It will help me on Keystone!
English I 03-18-2016 This tutor is amazing! Kind, Patient, and really outgoing. Amazing!
Algebra 1 01-23-2016 LOVED HIM! So patient and respective! LOVED HIM!
Algebra 1 01-07-2016 great tutor, answered all my questions
Algebra 1 12-22-2015 Very helpful, I understand the concept a lot better than I did before.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-15-2015 He is the best nice and friendly
Algebra 1 12-15-2015 He was very kind and helpful, and I understood everything very clearly.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-15-2015 I got 25/25, he is so good!!
Algebra 2 12-13-2015 He helped me with what I asked and showed me how to do the things I had trouble with. Great tutor!
English I 10-22-2015 Great tutor, Helped me on time this is an awesome tutor.
Trigonometry 08-11-2015 He was very nice and encouraging and was very helpful and understanding. When I didnt understand it one way, he put it another way super easily without getting frustrated.
English I 08-04-2015 HE WAS GREAT! He was patient and excellent! He helped me through every question!
Statistics 06-20-2015 Amazing!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 06-17-2015 Joshua is very knowledgeable about math and is able to break down the material very slowly. I think he\'s great!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 06-02-2015 He was an amazing tutor he helped me understand everything much beter.
Algebra 1 05-27-2015 He was an amazing tutor please go to him for anything he is super nice and funny but he gets the job done and helps me!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-22-2015 He was a lot of help.
English I 05-13-2015 He is a great tutor, He helped me on a Haiku. He make sure i understand it and i understand it better than i did before I recommend this to all students,
Spanish 10-19-2014 awesome helpful
Calculus 09-27-2014 Patient tutor that will take the time to explain difficult concepts in a simple manner.
Calculus 09-25-2014 Helped a lot with my calculus. He is very strong on concepts.
Calculus 08-28-2014 Josh is a great Calculus tutor Very friendly and knowledgable.
Algebra 2 08-26-2014 He was very helpful and worked to explain all of the steps to me.
Algebra 2 08-24-2014 He was very nice and very helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-30-2014 Did not meet tutor but I cold see that session was available on time
Algebra 2 05-27-2014 Answered all my questions and explained everything thoroughly. Did not leave until I understood everything.
Algebra 1 05-14-2014 Josh helps me understand when I don\'t know something
Geometry 04-01-2014 fun and easy to learn and remember
Geometry 03-18-2014 easy to under stand :) and fun
Geometry 03-04-2014 easy to under stand and made fun to learn it.
Geometry 02-25-2014 it was easy and fun
Spanish 02-12-2014 He made sure that I understood the answer and went above the call of duty to do so.
Geometry 02-04-2014 easy to under stand and fun
Trigonometry 02-03-2014 Josh is really helpful wit algebra and trigonometry.
Trigonometry 02-01-2014 Josh has a really good knack for solving algebra equations. I felt alot better after one session with him.
Precalculus 01-29-2014 Explained Trig. Function Graphs very clearly. (Pre. Cal)
Calculus 01-29-2014 He thoroughly solved the problem at hand so that I could understand.
Trigonometry 12-23-2013 Josh has been very helpful getting me caught up with trigonometry.
Algebra 1 12-21-2013 Joshua was a great tutor. He helped me solve Elimination solving, and helped me with linear equations, and helped me off topic on solving ratio sequence which i understand now. He helped step by step which i needed and was a big help.
Geometry 12-20-2013 got every thing i needed to go over and made it easy to under to under stand
Precalculus 12-19-2013 It was extremely helpful. the tutor helped me every step of the way and was extremely patient. overall excellent service
Trigonometry 12-19-2013 Josh is really skilled and knowledgable with trigonometry.
Precalculus 10-24-2013 Josh is great. He is really smart and very potile.
Geometry 10-15-2013 I liked being able to see my mistakes and have the visuals of my session and what to do in order to answer the problems properly.
Calculus 10-14-2013 I liked how Joshua went over each rule step by step it really helped me see how to do each problem.
Geometry 10-08-2013 This Session was nice because I learned a lot more than I had thought I knew!!!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-07-2013 This tutor has helped me a lot. He has tutored me twice and I think I'm going to stick with him. He is REALLY good. He will ask you if you have any questions and he will answer and explain them. He is also very polite. You should tutor with him!
Precalculus 09-10-2013 Best tutor i've ever had
Joshua's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra
Science Chemistry, Physics
World Languages Spanish
Language Arts English I, English II, English III, English IV / Advanced Placement
Specialized Prep SAT Course, ACT Course
Computer Coding Introduction to Computer Coding, Introduction to HTML / Web Page Design
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