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Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra
Education level University Graduated Major
Bachelors Maharishi University of Management Graduated Math
Christopher's Testimonials
Course Date Testimonial
Geometry 11-17-2016 Good
Geometry 11-10-2016 Awesome session!
Calculus 08-05-2016 He is the best! He worked around my busy schedule and explained things in a way I could understand.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 04-08-2016 HE IS G.O.A.T GREATEST OF ALL TIME i got j\'s on my feet dem futures
Precalculus 04-06-2016 Awesome tutor
Precalculus 03-01-2016 Good !! ++ by N/O/U/R
Calculus 02-23-2016 We got through all of the work, all my questions were answered, and I understand the concepts much better now.
Geometry 02-11-2016 Mr. Gunlock was amazing! he was really patient and helpful.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 01-06-2016 Good job on math today..
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 12-09-2015 Very Kind and patient, he was to the point and very willing to help
Trigonometry 12-03-2015 This Tutor was extremely helpful. He explained things to me that my teacher never even mentioned and it helped me better understand the lesson.
Algebra 1 11-02-2015 Christopher Gunlock is GREAT!!! He helped me with a whole set of problems without any trouble. I really understand the concept I was working on now, thanks to him. Great tutor! :)
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 10-08-2015 Very Good Tutor I\'d Recommend him for all math help. He can do Tutoring at basically any time! He is the best tutor i had so far. Thanks To Christopher i don\'t need much help. But Its good to go over homework with a tutor so you can get all the points. Thanks Christopher!
Calculus 09-29-2015 He was an excellent tutor! He helped explained how to solve my problems step by step in a non-confusing way! I will definitely be coming back for more help with future topics!
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 09-29-2015 Great Once Again, He Was Helpful all the way, he Did\'nt Give Me the answers he helped me get the answers
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 09-28-2015 #1 Math Tutor I elect him for The Tutor of The Year :D. We had a great session, He was patient and nice. I enjoyed his help and he\'s really cool he understood what i did not. Thanks Chris.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 09-15-2015 He is good at explaining and he was on time and he helped me alot with this
Precalculus 06-09-2015 Super helpful tutor! Explained everything in detail and helped me understand the concepts.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-31-2015 Awessome!
Algebra 2 05-26-2015 Awessome
Algebra 2 05-19-2015 Amazing tutor.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 05-14-2015 He helps me alot.
Algebra 1 05-04-2015 Christopher was extremely helpful and has a great personality.
Algebra 1 04-28-2015 He was very nice and let me talk and write out on the board and he took hes time definitely will see him in the future!
Geometry 12-15-2014 everything!
Algebra 1 11-24-2014 Great tutor :D Thoroughly answers questions and goes over problems. He\'s patient and not rushing you to finish what you are doing.
Precalculus 11-06-2014 helped me out alot
Precalculus 10-16-2014 Awesome, helps me learn a lot
Calculus 10-12-2014 I liked how my tutor, Christopher, would take me through all of the steps for each problem that I had. He did a great job at breaking down the problems for me.
Algebra 2 07-22-2014 Great Tutor. Works with you for whatever you need.
Trigonometry 05-14-2014 Helps a lot
Trigonometry 05-11-2014 I love the way he teaches, does not just give out answers, makes you learn!
Geometry 05-02-2014 good and fast to learn it and it was fun
Statistics 04-07-2014 Tutor was Christopher Gunlock and he really helped me gain a better understanding of Correlation and Regression concepts. He was patient with me and being able to talk through solutions with him really helped me gain a much better grasp of the subject mater. He helped me gain confidence in myself.
Geometry 02-17-2014 He made sure that I understood how to do the math problems and he had lots of practice problems for me to do in order to make sure that I knew how to do it which was good. He was also accommodating enough to give me a practice quiz at the end which I am thankful for.
Calculus 01-21-2014 Fantastic help!
Algebra 1 01-14-2014 Great help and very smart.
Calculus 12-30-2013 Good teacher!
Algebra 1 12-18-2013 Great Tutor!
Geometry 12-09-2013 he was great
Algebra 1 12-05-2013 Christopher was very helpful and patient in helping me understand concepts. Christopher also gives you his full attention. He is a wonderful tutor!
Geometry 12-04-2013 fun and easy to learn!
Geometry 11-27-2013 everything was easy to understand.
Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra 11-14-2013 Christopher did a good job of explaining the math concepts with the student.
Algebra 1 11-12-2013 Very Easy To Understand
Algebra 2 10-21-2013 Christopher is great at applying past lessons to current ones, allowing you to incorporate principals you already know, and have covered, into new ones.
Geometry 10-10-2013 The tutor helped a lot and made sure I understood everything.
Algebra 2 10-03-2013 Christopher was great! The session helped so much. He was very patient and helped me with everything that I needed and explained clearly.
Calculus 09-29-2013 Very helpful, explained things specifically and simply.
Algebra 2 09-21-2013 helpful
Geometry 06-14-2013 He dedicates his time to helping you understand whatever topic you need help in, and he really knows what he's talking about
Algebra 1 05-17-2013 I like this session because he was really nice with me while I was solving a problem.
Precalculus 05-02-2013 Very helpful, and helped me do fantastic on my last test! Would definitely recommend
Precalculus 04-12-2013 This tutor has continued to be very helpful!!
Precalculus 04-04-2013 This tutor was very helpful, along with being very patient. He understood the subject well.
Christopher's Subject
Math Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Basic Math Skills / Pre-Algebra
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