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TutaPoint Inc POLICIES (,,

Policies listed below are for student user accounts. Pricing and billing information listed is for consumer accounts: accounts created by a student or parents that are not linked to a school district.

Hourly Billing

Hourly rates are charged to student accounts that are not part of a monthly plan (see below). Students are charged in 6-minute increments, after a minimum of 15 minutes. The hourly rate for tutoring and test prep is posted prior to scheduling each session and is available at The billing card on-file will be charged immediately after the tutoring session and a receipt will be emailed to the email address on-file. There is no monthly fee or service fee for students billed hourly.

Monthly Plans

Monthly tutoring plans are subscriptions and renew every thirty days (billing cycle). These plans allow students to receive discounted rates for their tutoring. Plans offer different options for different amounts of time. The number of hours chosen must be used during the billing cycle and will not roll over to future billing cycles, unless approved by a TutaPoint administrator. Monthly plans renew every thirty days and the billing card on file will be charged and a receipt emailed to the email address on file. Students / parents may cancel a monthly subscription plan anytime without penalty. There are no contracts - plans are month-to-month. TutaPoint is unable to offer refunds for previously billed cycles. If a parent or student wishes to cancel and receive a partial refund for the current billing cycle they should contact customer care at (800) 390-2370. To cancel a monthly plan, log into the account, select My Account and then next to Monthly Plan press cancel or call (800) 390-2370.

Cancelling Confirmed and Pending Tutoring Sessions

A student may cancel a confirmed tutoring session up to 45 minutes before the tutoring session is to begin without any penalty or charge. To cancel a previously scheduled tutoring session, log into your account and click on the Cancel button next to the listed session. Students are also advised to cancel pending (not yet confirmed) sessions 45 minutes in advance if they wish to reschedule. If a pending session becomes confirmed within 45 minutes of its start time, it cannot be cancelled.

Missed Sessions

Students that fail to log-in for a confirmed tutoring session will be charged for 30-minutes of time or one credit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The satisfaction of our students and parents is our priority. If you are not satisfied by an interaction you had with TutaPoint or one of our tutors, please contact us immediately and we will provide another tutoring session.

Scheduling Session

TutaPoint will make every effort to assign a qualified tutor to each session request. It is possible that certain requests will not be filled and TutaPoint cannot guarantee that requested sessions will be filled. To increase the likelihood that a request is filled, please try to schedule requests at least 24-hours in advance and do not select a specific tutor. If you would like to work with a specific tutor it is best to send them a message beforehand from the Message Center ( ) requesting times that work mutually. Additionally, you can contact TutaPoint at 800-390-2370 to request assistance scheduling or use our online chat function.
Privacy Policies
TutaPoint maintains its privacy policies at:

Session Recordings

Tutoring and class sessions are recorded. These recordings are available to students and parents to review the concepts that were taught during the live sessions. Recordings may also be reviewed by TutaPoint and applicable school districts (for students from a school district) and their staff to ensure satisfaction and safety.

Data Safety and Security

TutaPoint follows industry standards and SSL security to protect the storage and transmission of student data and payment information. Please use common security practices and report any suspicious activity to (800) 390-2370.

Deleted Accounts

Students and parents may delete their TutaPoint account, which will prevent future billing and utilization. However to ensure the safety and security of TutaPoint and its tutors as well as comply with Rules of Discovery, TutaPoint will maintain the records of all deleted accounts.

Removal of Students

TutaPoint reserves the right to remove any student from its program(s). Students that are removed from the program will be giving a refund for their current billing cycle, minus anytime used.

Tutor Engagement and Honor Code

TutaPoint's tutors will not complete a client's assigned work or papers. The client is responsible for knowing the school's Honor Code as it relates to utilizing outside resources to assist with school work. TutaPoint and its tutors are not responsible for knowing each school's Honor Code.


TutaPoint and its professional staff will investigate any conduct deemed unprofessional or inappropriate. To request an investigation please contact Sara Downey at It is in TutaPoint's sole discretion to share the outcome of any investigation.

Permitted Use

TutaPoint and its programs, online classrooms, messaging systems, etc. are to be used for the sole purpose of academic and test preparation services. Any unintended use is strictly prohibited and may result in removal from the program and/or prosecution under the law.
By using TutaPoint, and you agree to these policies. If you have questions, please contact (800) 390-2370.

Updated: June 06, 2017

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