Increase SAT Score: 3 Tips to Add Points to SAT Exam Score

3 Easy Strategies to Increase SAT Exam Score

Students that are able to remember these three important strategies will be sure to add points to their SAT score: 

  1. When You See a Colon, Look Left! The words that follow the colon explain the words the precede the colon. So when you see a colon, look to the left of it and see what the sentence has conveyed. Now look to the right of the colon to see if those words explain what preceded the colon. 
  2. Two to's” Strategy - Test likes parallelism. One of the ways it measures this is by seeing if the student recognizes when to use the word "to" twice in a sentence. For example, you can't, on this test, write: I went to France and Belgium last summer. It's: I went to France and to Belgium last summer.
  3. The “More Strategy”: If you see the word "more" look for faulty comparison The sentence will have compared a painter to a painting. It will have said, "The painting by Manet was more popular than Picasso."

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